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Fisheries Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Ukraine

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Sep 24, 1992
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Sep 24, 1992
Fisheries, Sea, Wild species & ecosystems
Marine area Marine fisheries Fishery management and conservation Fishing vessel Stock enhancement/repopulation International agreement-text Management/conservation Aquaculture Mariculture Research Maritime zone Biodiversity

The Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Ukraine have agreed as follows: 1). The Parties aspire to cooperate in elaboration and co-ordination of their fisheries policy and practical activity for the purpose of research, optimum use and conservation of biodiversity of the World Ocean, including the Black sea and the Azov sea. 2). The Parties, for the purpose of conservation and management of biodiversity of the Black sea and the Azov sea, shall elaborate and co-ordinate on the basis of the most reliable scientific information the measures for the regulation of catch of marine biodiversity in the aforesaid seas. 3). The Parties recognise that catch of anadromous fish must not be carried out outside marine area under national jurisdiction, to cooperate for the purpose of conservation, repopulation, management and maintenance of the stock of anadromous fish in the Azov sea and the Black sea at biologically safe level. 4). The Parties shall exchange information regarding catch in the zones of mutual interest, as well as scientific, fishing and statistical data concerning marine biodiversity, shall carry out monitoring and research as regards valuation of the fish stock of the Black sea and the Azov sea, scientific prognostication of total allowable catch and elaboration of joint development programs for aquaculture and mariculture. 5). The Parties shall conduct at least once a year bilateral consultations for the purpose of realisation of the provisions of the present Bilateral Agreement. 6). The Parties shall adopt all the necessary requirements for the observation by the citizens and fishing vessels of both states of the provisions of the present Bilateral Agreement.

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