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Convention concerning Fishing in the Waters of the Danube

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Field of application
Jan 29, 1958
IUCN (ID: TRE-000510)
Title (French)

Convention relative à la pêche dans le Danube

Title (Other)

Übereinkommen betreffend das Fischen in der Donau

Place of adoption
Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian
Entry into force
Dec 20, 1958
Size Inland fisheries Fishery management and conservation Fishing gear/fishing method Waterworks Aquaculture Basin/catchment/watershed Mesh Seasons Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Fishing area Pollution control Institution Freshwater resources management

Objective: The rational utilisation and expansion of the fish stocks in the Danube, through cooperation on a scientific basis.

Summary of provisions: Parties undertake to apply the Regulations for Fishing in the River Danube, annexed to the Convention, relating to prohibited times and places for fishing, prohibited tackle and fishing methods and sizes of mesh of nets (art. 4). They agree to improve natural conditions for fish breeding and, in the event of erecting engineering works, to safeguard the normal migratory movements of fish (art. 5). Artificial breeding is to be undertaken as necessary (art. 6). Moreover, Parties agree to take measures to prevent contamination and pollution of the river by untreated sewage and industrial/municipal wastes, and to regulate blasting (art. 7). They are to cooperate in the exchange of information and in scientific and technical agreements (arts. 8 and 9).

Institutional mechanisms: A Mixed Commission is established to work out measures for the regulation of fishing and the augmentation of fish stocks, to make proposals to the Parties, to organise exchanges of information and to co-ordinate scientific research (art. 11 and 12).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)

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This Convention seeks to regulate the fishing activities of the States Parties in the Danube. It is supplemented by Regulations which govern the taking of fish by reference to close seasons, by reference to species and by reference to migratory patterns, among other things. The Regulations also prohibit the use of certain nets and other devices, such as fish barriers, and prescribe mesh sizes. The Contracting Parties agree to carry out works to improve conditions for the growth of fish stocks. Dams and other works are to be subjected to a prior plan of action to ensure that the migratory movement of fish is safeguarded. Consideration is also to be given to measures required to safeguard the breeding and development of 'economically valuable' fish above and below such works. The Convention requires the Contracting Parties to prevent pollution and other matters harmful to fish and prohibits the introduction of new species of fish or other animals or of aquatic plants without the consent of a Commission established under the Convention to deal with the development of measures necessary to achieve the objectives of the Convention, to deal with information flow and to oversee research activities. The Contracting Parties are required to exchange scientific information on, inter alia, catches and migratory movements of fish and to collaborate with each other in scientific and technical matters.

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