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Zambia Wildlife Act, 2015 (No. 14 of 2015).

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An Act to provide for the winding up of the affairs of the Zambia Wildlife Authority; establish the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in the Ministry responsible for tourism; provide for the appointment of a Director and other officers responsible for National Parks and Wildlife; provide for the transfer of the functions of the Authority to the Ministry responsible for tourism, Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Director of National Parks and Wildlife; establish the Wildlife Management Licencing Committee; provide for the establishment, control and management of National Parks, bird and wildlife sanctuaries and for the conservation and enhancement of wildlife eco-systems, biological diversity and objects of aesthetic, pre-historic, historical, geological, archeological and scientific interest in National Parks; provide for the promotion of opportunities for the equitable and sustainable use of the special qualities of public wildlife estates; provide for the establishment, control and co-management of Community Partnership Parks for the conservation and restoration of ecological structures for non-consumptive forms of recreation and environmental education; provide for the sustainable use of wildlife and the effective management of the wildlife habitat in Game Management Areas; enhance the benefits of Game Management Areas to local communities and wildlife; involve local communities in the management of Game Management Areas; provide for the development and implementation of management plans; provide for the regulation of game ranching; provide for the licensing of hunting and control of the processing, sale, import and export of wild animals and trophies; provide for the implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Lusaka Agreement on Cooperative Enforcement Operations Directed at Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora and other international instruments to which Zambia is party; repeal the Zambia Wildlife Act, 1998; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.
Environment gen., Land & soil, Mineral resources, Water, Wild species & ecosystems
Ecosystem preservation EIA Land tenure Expropriation Mining Sustainable development Wetlands Basic legislation Biodiversity Protected area National parks Endangered species Community management Wild flora Institution Special fund Public participation Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Hunting/capture Hunting gear/hunting methods Hunting authorization/permit International trade Hunting authorization/permit fee Wildlife products Dangerous animal/harmful animal Reptiles International agreement-implementation Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations, Least Developed Countries

This Act makes provision for the management and conservation of wildlife in Zambia. It also provides for trade in wild animals and meat of wild animals. The Act consists of 149 sections divided into 15 Parts: Preliminary (I); National Parks and Wildlife Department (II); National Parks, Community Partnership Parks and Bird and Wildlife Sanctuaries (III);Game Management Areas (IV); Community Resources Boards (V); Game Animals and Protected Animals (VI); Licences and Permits (VII); Hunting of Wild

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