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Parks and Wild Life Act [Chapter 20:14].

Document type
1975 (2002)
Long title
An Act to establish a Parks and Wild Life Board; to confer functions and impose duties on the Board; to provide for the establishment of national parks, botanical reserves, botanical gardens, sanctuaries, safari areas and recreational parks; to make provision for the preservation, conservation, propagation or control of the wild life, fish and plants of Zimbabwe and the protection of her natural landscape and scenery; to confer privileges on owners or occupiers of alienated land as custodians of wild life, fish and plants; to give certain powers to intensive conservation area committees; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.
Fisheries, Wild species & ecosystems
Inland fisheries Fishing gear/fishing method Basic legislation Biodiversity Management/conservation Protected area National parks Institution Hunting/capture Hunting gear/hunting methods Hunting authorization/permit International trade Wild fauna Wildlife products Wild flora Offences/penalties Protection of species
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations

The text of the Act consists of 130 sections and 10 Schedules. The sections are divided into 18 Parts: Preliminary (I); Parks and Wildlife Board (II); Financial provisions (II); Parks and Wildlife Estate and Parks and Wildlife Land (III); National Parks (IV); Botanical Reserves and Botanical gardens (V); Sanctuaries (VI); Safari Areas (VII); Recreational Parks (VIII); Specially Protected Animals (IX); Specially Protected Indigenous Plants (X); Indigenous Plants (XI); Hunting, Removal, Viewing an

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References - Legislation

Implemented by

Parks and Wildlife (General) Regulations, 1981 (S.I. No. 900 of 1981).

Legislation | Zimbabwe | 1980

Keyword: Inland fisheries, Fishing gear/fishing method, Protected area, Management/conservation, Institution, Hunting/capture, Hunting gear/hunting methods, Hunting authorization/permit, International trade, Wild fauna, Wildlife products, Wild flora, Offences/penalties, Protection of species


Parks and Wildlife (Payment for Hunting of Animals and Fish) Notice, 1987 (S.I. No. 101 of 1987).

Legislation | Zimbabwe | 1987

Keyword: Fishing charge, Hunting authorization/permit fee


Parks and Wildlife (Hunting of Crocodiles and Removal of Crocodiles' Eggs) Notice, 1975 (S.I. No. 969 of 1975).

Legislation | Zimbabwe | 1975

Keyword: Hunting/capture, Hunting authorization/permit, Hunting gear/hunting methods, Reptiles


Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Tariff of Fees) By-laws, 2014 (S.I. No. 45 of 2014).

Legislation | Zimbabwe | 2014

Keyword: Aquaculture, Inland fisheries, Fishing authorization, Fishing charge, Management/conservation, Protected area, Ranching/captive breeding, Wildlife products, Royalties/fees


Amended by

Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27].

Legislation | Zimbabwe | 2002 (2005)

Keyword: Air quality/air pollution, Emissions, Environmental standards, Framework law, Basic legislation, Monitoring, Environmental audit, Court/tribunal, Registration, Access-to-information, Authorization/permit, Early warning system/emergency intervention system, Environmental fees/charges, Environmental planning, EIA, Disasters, Special fund, Enforcement/compliance, Offences/penalties, Land-use planning, Soil conservation/soil improvement, Soil pollution/quality, Expropriation, Weeds, Alien species, Waste management, Waste prevention, Hazardous substances, Hazardous waste, Pesticides, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Water quality standards, Biodiversity, Wetlands, Basin/catchment/watershed, Ecosystem preservation, Ex-situ conservation, Protection of habitats, Genetic resources, International agreement-implementation