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Law no. 46/I of 2023 on the Quality of Water for Human Consumption.

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Government Gazette of Cyprus Republic, Part I no. 4950 of 2023.
Food & nutrition, Water
Basic legislation Food quality control/food safety Business/industry/corporations Food additives Governance Processing/handling Hazards Inspection Potable water Disinfection/disinfestation Public health Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Offences/penalties Use restrictions Pesticides Hygiene/sanitary procedures Transport/storage Water quality standards Water supply Water users' associations Freshwater pollution Water abstraction Basin/catchment/watershed Water charges Pollution control Inland waters
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Asia, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Mediterranean, Middle East, Western Asia

This Law, consisting of 38 articles, concerns the quality of water for human consumption, provides for harmonising the Cyprus Legislation with the European Directive (EU) 2020/2184 of the European Parliament and of the Council, concerning the quality of water for human consumption, and applies to water intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation or other domestic uses in both public and private establishments, and water used in any food business for the manufacture, processing, preservation or marketing of products or substances intended for human consumption, excluding: natural mineral water, water used as a medicinal product. The Law defines the following relevant terms: water supply chain; competent authority, as the director of the Department of Medical and Public Health Services of the Ministry of Health; starting substance, as a substance intentionally added in the production of organic materials; vessels, used for collecting, storing, transporting and distributing water for human consumption; dangerous event; food business; vulnerable and marginalised group; hazard; water distribution system.

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Directive (EU) 2020/2184 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Legislation | European Union | 2020

Keyword: Business/industry/corporations, Food quality control/food safety, HACCP, Public health, Freshwater pollution, Potable water, Water supply, Risk assessment/management, Water quality standards, Water abstraction, Basin/catchment/watershed, Access-to-information, Monitoring, Offences/penalties, Pollution control, Inland waters


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Notification no. 303 of 2023 pursuant to article 30 of the Law on the Quality of Water for Human Consumption.

Legislation | Cyprus | 2023

Keyword: Royalties/fees, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Certification, Governance, Potable water, Registration, Water abstraction, Water charges, Water supply