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Law No. 10/99 on Forest and Wildlife Act.

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Forestry, Wild species & ecosystems
Framework law Afforestation/reforestation Concession Protected area Inspection Authorization/permit Community management EIA Forest management/forest conservation Basic legislation Hunting/capture Hunting authorization/permit Hunting gear/hunting methods Offences/penalties
Geographical area
Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa, Indian Ocean, Least Developed Countries

The Forest and Wildlife Act is divided into 9 Chapters: General (Chap. I); Protection of forest and wildlife resources (II); Sustainable forest resources exploitation regimes and Sustainable wildlife conservation regimes (III); Forest and wildlife resources restocking (IV); Management of forest and wildlife resources (V); Forest guarding (VI); Offences and penalties (VII); Final dispositions (VIII). The present Law establishes the basic principles and norms for the protection, conservation and sustainable utilization of forest and wildlife resources under an integrated management framework for the economic and social development of the country. The Law classificates the national forest heritage according to potential, location and mode of utilization different types and other conservation areas. The State promotes the reforestation for commercial, industrial or energy purposes and for recuperation of degraded areas, preferably on dunes, in watersheds and in fragile ecosystems. The wildlife heritage consists of all wild animals in the national territory and is classified in function of its rarity, economic and socio-cultural value for species listed under a special decree. The holder of a title, whether by virtue of occupation or through authorized request, to the right to use and make improvements on land does not necessarily have a licence to exploit the forest and wildlife resources in the respective area, save in those cases where such exploitation is undertaken solely for subsistence purposes. It defines different types of protected areas. Any illegal activity (such as fires in forest, crop field, woodland) shall be condemned up to one year of imprisonment and the corresponding fine, specified in the text.

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Implemented by

Ministerial Order No. 93/2005 regulating the distribution among local communities of the 20% of tax funds collected from the use of forest and wildlife resources.

Legislation | Mozambique | 2005

Keyword: Access right, Agro-forestry, Environmental fees/charges, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Subsidy/incentive, Community management, Forest management/forest conservation


Decree No. 12/2002 approving the Regulation on Forestry and Wildlife.

Legislation | Mozambique | 2002

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Decree No. 40/2011 extending the geographical limits of the Special Reserve of Maputo.

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Decree No. 82/2017 approving the Hunting Regulation.

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Amended by

Law No. 16/2014 establishing the basic principles and rules on the protection, conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity within conservation areas.

Legislation | Mozambique | 2014

Keyword: Protected area, Inspection, Offences/penalties, Forest management/forest conservation, Sustainable use, Management/conservation, Biodiversity, Hunting authorization/permit, Hunting rights, Wild fauna, Wild flora, Endangered species


Law No. 16/2014 on Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity.

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