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Environmental Management Act, 2011 (No. 12 of 2011).

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An Act to continue the existence of the Environmental Council and re-name it as the Zambia Environmental Management Agency; provide for integrated environmental management and the protection and conservation of the environment and the sustainable management and use of natural resources; provide for the preparation of the State of the Environment Report, environmental management strategies and other plans for environmental management and sustainable development; provide for the conduct of strategic environmental assessments of proposed policies, plans and programmes likely to have an impact on environmental management; provide for the prevention and control of pollution and environmental degradation; provide for public participation in environmental decision-making and access to environmental information; establish the Environment Fund; provide for environmental audit and monitoring; facilitate the implementation of international environmental agreements and conventions to which Zambia is a party; repeal and replace the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act, 1990; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.
Air & atmosphere, Environment gen., Fisheries, Water, Wild species & ecosystems
Air quality/air pollution Noise pollution Radiation Pollution control Framework law Basic legislation Institution Environmental planning Access-to-information Authorization/permit Biosecurity Ecosystem preservation EIA Environmental audit Environmental standards Inspection Precautionary principle Protected area Land-use planning Soil conservation/soil improvement Soil pollution/quality Pesticides Special fund Transboundary effects Waste management Liability/compensation Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties Inland fisheries Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Inland waters Management/conservation Biodiversity Protection of habitats Wetlands
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations, Least Developed Countries

This Act makes provision for integrated environmental management and the protection and conservation of the environment and the sustainable management and use of natural resource and related matters. In Part I its sets out the principles governing environmental management.

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Environment Protection and Pollution Control Act, 1990 (Cap. 204).

Legislation | Zambia | 1990 (2006) | Repealed

Keyword: Pollution control, Air quality/air pollution, Noise pollution, Radiation, Basic legislation, Institution, Fishing authorization, Waste disposal, Hazardous substances, Pesticides, Effluent waste water/discharge, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Inland waters, Registration


Implemented by

Environmental Management (Licensing) Regulations (S.I. No 112 of 2013).

Legislation | Zambia | 2013

Keyword: Air quality/air pollution, Ozone layer, Environmental standards, Pollution control, Environmental planning, EIA, Authorization/permit, Offences/penalties, Waste management, Recycling/reuse, Hazardous substances, Pesticides, Transport/storage, Packaging/labelling, Hazardous waste, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Effluent waste water/discharge, Groundwater


Amended by

Environmental Management (Amendment) Act, 2013 [No. 10 of 2013).

Legislation | Zambia | 2013

Keyword: Institution, Environmental fees/charges