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Environment Protection and Management Law.

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Publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Monrovia, 30 April, 2003 (text in pdf).
Long title
An Act to establish a legal framework for sustainable development, management and protection of the environment by the Environment Protection Authority in partnership with regulated Ministries and organizations and in close and responsive relationship with the people of Liberia; and to provide high quality information and advice on the state of the environment and for matters connected therewith.
Air & atmosphere, Environment gen., Forestry, Land & soil, Water, Wild species & ecosystems, Waste & hazardous substances
Environmental standards Standards Protection of environment Framework law Environmental planning Institution EIA Pollution control Environmental audit Monitoring Inspection Offences/penalties International relations/cooperation PIC-prior informed consent Policy/planning Forestry protection measures Protection forest Forest management/forest conservation Land-use planning Coastal zone management Soil conservation/soil improvement Soil pollution/quality Waste management Hazardous waste Effluent waste water/discharge Freshwater pollution Water quality standards Ecosystem preservation Protected area Water conservation zone Wetlands Sustainable development Biodiversity Management/conservation
Geographical area
Africa, Least Developed Countries, North Atlantic, Western Africa
Entry into force notes
This Act shall take effect immediately upon publication in handbills (sec. 116).

The Act consists of 115 sections divided into 13 Parts: Preliminary (I); General principles and objectives (II); Environmental impact assessment, audit and monitoring (III); Environmental quality standards (IV); Pollution control and licensing (V); Guidelines and standards for the management of the environment and natural resources (VI); Protection of biodiversity, natural heritage and the ozone layer (VII); Environmental restoration Order (VIII); Inspection, analysis and records (IX); International obligations (X); Information, access, education and public awareness (XI); Offences (XII); Miscellaneous (XIII).

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Environmental Impact Assessment Procedural Guideline.

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