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European Union (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 (S.I. No. 40 of 2020).

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Agriculture et développement rural, Environnement gén., Terre et sols, Plantes cultivées, Eau
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Exploitation agricole Éducation Éco-produits/processus écologique Monitorage Pollution du sol/qualité Production écologique/production biologique Engrais/nutriments Lutte contre la pollution Pollution des eaux douces/qualité des eaux douces
Aire géographique
Îles de l'océan Atlantique, Europe, EUROPE ET ASIE CENTRALE, Pays de l'union européenne, Atlantique nord, Atlantique du nord-est, Europe du nord

These Regulations amend the European Union (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations 2017 to give effect to the review of the Nitrates Derogation requirements in 2019 and provide greater protection for water quality from agricultural activities. Schedule 5 is substituted by a new Schedule, which specifies the conditions for the purposes of Article 36 (1) of the principal Regulations in relation to the application to land on a holding in any year of livestock manure in excess of the amount specified in Article 20(1). The conditions concern the application of manure, other fertilisers and lime, and management of fertilised land. The fertilisation plan shall be revised no later than seven days following any change in agricultural practices at the grassland farm. From 1st January 2022, any repeat application under Article 36(1)(a) shall be accompanied by evidence of participation in an approved training programme in nutrient use efficiency and the protection of water.

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Mot clé: Exploitation agricole, Normes environnementales, Éco-produits/processus écologique, Monitorage, Accès-à-l'information, Pollution du sol/qualité, Déchets organiques, Production écologique/production biologique, Engrais/nutriments, Transport/dépôt, Lutte contre la pollution, Pollution des eaux douces/qualité des eaux douces, Eaux souterraines, Normes de qualité de l'eau, Eaux superficielles, Eaux usées/déversement, Zone de conservation des eaux