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Act to amend the Water Supply Act in relation with the Council Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Países Bajos
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Staatsblad, No. 295 of 2000, 6 pp.+ 3 pp. text corrections.
Palabra clave
Abastecimiento de agua Agua potable Inspección Recopilación de datos/informes
Área geográphica
Benelux, Europa, Europa y Central Asia, Países de la Unión Europea, Atlántico Norte, Mar del Norte, Atlántico Nordeste, Europa Occidental

This Act adds three new Chapters (Separate water Supply [IIA]; Rules relative to private water supply installations [IIB]; Report on the quality of supplied water [VA]) to the principal Act, and makes consequential and other amendments to other Chapters. "Separate water supply" is the supply of drinking water through a pipe system either bound to a particular piece of land or within the sphere of (offshore) mining operations. Chapter IIA contains rules relative to the responsibility for the quality of water so supplied, and inspection of such supply. Chapter IIB regulates various matters relative to the quality of water supplied by through private supply systems (as defined). These rules provide for the duty of the supplier to communicate to users certain measures to be taken in the case of risk to public health, measurement of water quality to be prescribed by an Order in Council, and inspection of quality. The Minister shall draw up each year a report on the quality of water supplied through pipe systems. In accordance with provisions contained in Chapter VA.

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Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Legislación | Unión Europea | 1998

Palabra clave: Control de calidad de los alimentos/inocuidad de los alimentos, Agua potable, Normas, Abastecimiento de agua, Normas sobre calidad del agua, Monitoreo, Plaguicidas



Act containing rules relative to supervision of water supply companies and the organization of public water supply (Water Supply Act).

Legislación | Países Bajos | 1957 (2010)

Palabra clave: Legislación básica, Abastecimiento de agua, Agua potable, Política/planificación, Inspección