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Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin

Document type
Field of application
Dec 3, 2002
IUCN (ID: TRE-001824)
Place of adoption
Kranjska Gora
UN United Nations
Entry into force
Dec 29, 2004
Environment gen., Water
Inland waters International agreement-text Court/tribunal Sustainable use Protection of habitats Pollution control Ecosystem preservation Environmental planning Navigation Dispute settlement Monitoring Water users' associations Basin/catchment/watershed International relations/cooperation Management/conservation Freshwater resources management Access-to-information Law reform/harmonization/deregulation Transboundary effects Data collection/reporting Authorization/permit Water supply Protection of species Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution River basin institution Protected area
Geographical area

The Parties shall cooperate in order to establish an international regime of navigation on the Sava River and its navigable tributaries, to establishment of sustainable water management, and to undertake measures to prevent or limit hazards, and reduce and eliminate adverse consequences, including those from floods, ice hazards, droughts and incidents involving substances hazardous to water. Provisions of Part II set out general principles of cooperation such as the obligation to co-operate, co-operation with national and international bodies, the principle of reasonable and equitable utilization of waters, the No Harm rule, and co-operation of transboundary impact, Part III specifies the areas of co-operation between the Parties such as a regime for navigation, sustainable water management and the establishment of Sava River Basin Management Plan. The Parties shall establish a coordinated or joint system of measures, activities, warnings and alarms in the Sava River Basin for extraordinary impacts on the water regime. Part IV defines mechanism of co-operation, e.g. meetings of the Parties and International Sava River Basin Commission established under this Agreement. Functions of the Commission are set out in section 16. The Parties agree to establish a methodology of permanent monitoring of implementation of the Agreement and activities based upon it. Part V concerns dispute settlement. Annex 1 contains the State of the International Sava River Basin Commission.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina