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Indigenous peoples, the environment and law : An anthology

Watters L.
IUCN (ID: MON-079967)
Publisher | Place of publication
Carolina Academic Press | Durham, NC, USA
439 p.
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Field of application
United States of America, Australia, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Canada, Guatemala, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Russian Federation
Environment gen.
Traditional rights/customary rights Indigenous peoples Community wildlife management Developing countries Cultural heritage Human rights
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Part 1 Indigenous Peoples and the Emergence of a Framework

Chapter 1 Overview
JAMESA. S. MUSISI, Cultural Diversity and Environment: The Case for Indigenous Peoples

Chapter 2 Framework
RUSSELL LAWRENCE BARSCH, Indigenous Peoples in the 1990’s: From Object to Subject of International Law?

Part II Indigenous Peoples and Contemporary Dimensions

Chapter 3 Biodiversity
GREGORY MAGGIO, Recognizing the Vital Role of Local Communities in International Legal Instruments for Conserving Biodiversity

Chapter 4 Community and Conservation
SEAN MCALLISTER, Community-Based Conservation: Restructuring Institutions to Involve Local Communities in a Meaningful Way

Chapter 5 Traditional Knowledge
SRIVIDHYA RAGAVAN, Protection of Traditional Knowledge

Chapter 6 International Development and Human Rights
FERGUS MACKAY, Universal Rights or a Universe Unto Itself? Indigenous Human Rights and the World Bank’s Draft Operational Policy 4.10 on Indigenous Peoples

Chapter 7 Multinational Corporations
DAVID FAGAN, Acheiving Restitution: The Potential Unjust Enrichment Claims of Indigenous Peoples Against Multinational Corporations

Part III Indigenous Peoples, the Environment and Conflict in a Comparative Context

Chapter 8 The Arctic
JENNIFER MCIVER, Environmental Protection , Indigenous Rights and the Arctic Council: Rock, Paper, Scissors on the Ice?

Chapter 9 Australia
KAREN BRAVO, Balancing Indigenous Rights to Land and the Demands of Economic Devel opm ent: Lessons from the United States and Australia

Chapter 10 Bolivia
LAURIE SARGENT, The Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia’s Amazon Basin Region and ILO Convention No. 169: Real Rights or Rhetoric ?

Chapter 11 Canada
CHARLES MARECIC, Nunavut Territory: Aboriginal Governing in the Canadian Regime of Governance

Chapter 12 Guatemala MICHAEL HOLLEY, Recognizing the Rights of Indigenous People to Their Traditional Lands: A Case Study of an Internally - Displaced Community in Guatemala

Chapter 13 Japan
MORIHIRO ICHIKAWA, Understanding the Fishing Rights of the Ainu of Japan: Lessons Learned From American Indian Law, The Japanese Constitution and International Law

Chapter 14 New Zealand
BENJAMIN KAHN, The Legal Framework Surrounding Maori Claims to Water Resources in New Zealand: in Contrast to the American Indian Experience

Chapter 15 Philippines
MARISSA LEIGH HUGHES, Indigenous Rights in the Philippines: Exploring the Intersection of Cultural Identity, Environment, and Development

Chapter 16 Russia
GAIL OSHERENKO, Indigenous Rights In Russia : Is Title to Land Essential for Cultural Survival?

Chapter 17 Scandinavia
LAWRENCE WATTERS, Indigenous Peoples and the Environment: Convergence from a Nordic Perspective

Chapter 18 United States: Native Hawaiians
GAVIN CLARKSON, Recent Developments: Not Because They Are Brown but Because of Ea*: Rice v. Cayetano

Chapter 19 United States: Sacred Sites
HOWARD VOGEL, The Clash of Stories at Chimney Rock: Cultural Conflict over Native American Sacred Sites on Public Land,

Chapter 20 United States: Water
LLOYD BURTON, The American Indian Water Rights Dilemma: Historical Perspective and Dispute-Settling Policy Recommendations

Chapter 21 United States: Whaling
LAWRENCE WATTERS & CONNIE DUGGER, The Hunt for Gray Whales : The Dilemma of Native American Treaty Rights and the International Moratorium on Whaling

Part IV: Indigenous Peoples, Convergence and Globalization

Chapter 22 Globalization
ALEX SEITA, Globalization and the Convergence of Values

Chapter 23 Impacts of Globalization
JOEL PAUL, Cultural Resistance to Global Governance