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Beyond access : Exploring implementation of the fair and equitable sharing commitment in the CBD

Tvedt M.W., Young T.
IUCN (ID: MON-080368)
Title (French)

Au-delá de l'accès: l'application du partage juste et équitable des avantages en vertu de la CDB

Title (Spanish)

Más allá del acceso: explorando la implementación del compromiso de distribución justa y equitativa en el CDB

Publisher | Place of publication
IUCN | Gland, Switzerland
978-2-8317-0980-2(en), 978-2-8317-1065-5(fr), 978-2-8317-1033-4(sp)
148 p.
Document type
Serial/multi-volume work
English, French, Spanish
Field of application
Wild species & ecosystems
Genetic resources Access and benefit sharing Intellectual property rights/patents

ABS Series No. 2
In 12 years since adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity, its provisions for access and benefit-sharing remain the least implemented of any of the commitments in the convention. Fewer than 11% of CBD Parties have adopted substantive ABS law, and nearly all of these are developing countries. This experience has been almost entirely with the ‘access’ side of the equation – source country regulation of collection, testing and utilisation of genetic resources. Most of the CBD’s specific ABS obligations, however, relate to the other side of the equation – benefit-sharing. This book goes beyond the provider-side or “access” elements of ABS, considering the full range of ABS obligations, and how existing tools in user countries’ national law can be used to achieve the CBD’s third objective. This book addresses the specific obligations of the Convention; the laws of particular user countries which have either declared that their ABS obligations are satisfied by existing national law, or begun legislative development; and the requirements, weaknesses and gaps in achieving benefit-sharing objectives, and the ways in which new or existing legal tools can be applied to these requirements. (translated in spanish 12/2008)

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