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Wild Birds Protection Act.

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Long title
An Act to prohibit with certain exceptions the sale and exportation of the plumage and skins of wild birds and to provide for the protection of birds.
Wild species & ecosystems
Birds International trade Offences/penalties Protection of species
Geographical area
Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations, Southern Africa

This Act makes provision for the sale or export of plumage of wild birds, capture and sale of wild birds, the conveyance of wild birds, and the confinement of birds. The prohibition of selling or offering or exposing for sale or export from Swaziland of any plumage of a wild bird and having possession such plumage for the purposes of sale or export shall not apply to plumage: (a) for the time being excluded from the operation of this Act by notice in the Gazette; in respect of which a permit has been granted under this Act, and; (c) ordinarily used as articles of diet. The Minister may by notice in the Gazette exclude a wild bird from the operation of this Act for such period or periods as he may prescribe or until further notice. Predatory birds, such as the varieties of the eagle and hawk families belonging to the order Accipitres excluded from the operation of this Act by High Commissioner's Notice No. 64 of 1914. (9 sections)

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