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Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1992 (Chapter 60).

United Kingdom
Document type
1992 (2020)
Long title
An Act to amend the law relating to licences under sections 4 and 4A of the Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967.
Marine fisheries Fishery management and conservation Court/tribunal Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties Fishing authorization Authorization/permit
Geographical area
Atlantic Ocean Islands, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, North Atlantic, North Sea, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe
Entry into force notes
For entry into force please see section 11.

Section 1 of this Act amends section 4 of the principal Act with respect to conditions of licensing of fishing boats. Section 2 of this Act inserts a new section 4AA in the principal Act with respect to appeals before the Sea Fish Licence Tribunal. Amendments of sections 4 and 4 A are made to amend the law relating to restrictions on the time spent at sea by fishing vessels. Section 4A is amended with respect licensing of vessels receiving trans-shipped fish. After section 4A there shall be inserted a section 4B on the power of the Minister to make regulations supplementary to sections 4 and 4A. A new section 4C on the use of automatic recording equipment is inserted in the principal Act. Other amendments relate to offences, powers of British sea officers and the inclusion of principles of reduction of time spent at sea in Orders made under section 4(6C) of the principal Act. (12 sections)

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