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Regulation No. 3 concerning the study, design, approval and exploitation of Sanitary Protection Zones near to water sources and drinking water supply systems as well as mineral water sources, used for medicinal, prophylactic, drinking and hygiene purposes.

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Original source
State Gazette No. 88, 27 October 2000.
Water abstraction Potable water Thermal and medicinal waters Zoning Pollution control Water supply Freshwater pollution
Geographical area
Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
The Regulation enters into force on 27 October 2000.

The Regulation prescribes the conditions and modalities for the research, design, adoption, approval and exploitation of Sanitary Protection Zones (SPZ) near to sources and systems for drinking waters and mineral waters used for medicinal, prophylactic, drinking and hygiene purposes. The text of the Regulation is divided into six Chapters, Additional, Transitional and Final Provisions and three Annexes. The Chapters deal with the following: general requirements (1); Sanitary Protection Zones (SPZ) around water systems of rivers and around lakes and dams (2); SPZ around groundwater supply systems and around mineral water sources (3); research, design and adoption of the SPZ (4); marking, exploitation and control of the SPZ (5); administrative and penal liability (6). All definitions are given in the additional provisions. Schedule I sets out prohibitions and restrictions to be observed in the SPZ, in particular for lines I and II around water sources and surface drinking water systems. Schedule II establishes prohibitions and restrictions for lines II and III around the ground drinking water supply systems and mineral water sources. Schedule III prescribes the marking of the SPZs.

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