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Regulation (2015:400) on Marine Planning.

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2015 (2018)
Environment gen., Land & soil, Sea, Water
Coastal zone management Environmental planning Ecosystem preservation Policy/planning Land-use planning Subsidy/incentive Marine area Sustainable development
Geographical area
Arctic, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, North Atlantic, North Sea, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe

The Regulation, made under section 10 of Chapter 4 of the Swedish Environmental Code, concerns sea plans as referred to in section 10. sea plans shall be prepared for specified areas and a proposal for a plan shall contain 1. a map that accounts a) the basic features of the use of the sea area; b) the areas within the marine area that are of national interest according to Chapter 3 of the Environmental Code, and (c) other general interests of major importance; and 2. a plan description that should (a) indicate the direction of use of the marine area; b) state and describe the areas within the marine area that are of national interest according to Chapter 3 of the Environmental Code c) account for other general interests of significant importance, the current use of the marine area and the planning conditions in general that the plan takes into account, d) account for the considerations underlying the plan; e) indicate how issues of incompatible purposes should be resolved, and f) clearly present the meaning and consequences of the use of the marine area according to the plan.

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Swedish Environmental Code (1998:808).

Legislation | Sweden | 1998 (2018)

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