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Order No. 1- 104 of the Director of the Lithuanian Geological Service under the Ministry of Environment validating the Regulation on eco-geological survey.

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Environment gen., Land & soil, Water
Pollution control Soil conservation/soil improvement Soil pollution/quality Groundwater Risk assessment/management Public health Authorization/permit Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution
Geographical area
Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries, Northern Europe

Regulation on eco-geological survey is aimed at: (a) protection of public health from adverse effects of contaminated sites; (b) protection of soil, subsoil and groundwater from possible pollution during activities in which chemical substances are used; and (c) reduction negative impacts on soil, subsoil and groundwater and on ecosystems associated with environmental components. The objectives of the Regulation shall be as follows: (a) to establish requirements for ecogeological surveys, their stages and scope; (b) to substantiate the need for the management of the contaminated site, taking into account the possible assessment of the risk of pollution to human health and the environment; (c) to ensure the collection of information on potential soil, subsoil and groundwater pollutants; (d) to seek to reduce and control the input of substances specified in Annexes I and II to the Rules for the Protection of Groundwater against Pollution by Hazardous Substances and Annex 3 to the Requirements; and (e) to establish requirements for the pollution status report for operators who apply for a permit for integrated pollution prevention and control or modification thereof and who cease activities carried out in accordance with integrated pollution prevention and control permit.

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