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Local Government Act (Cap. 265).

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An Act of Parliament to provide for the establishment of authorities for local government; to define their functions and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
Agricultural & rural development, Forestry, Land & soil, Cultivated plants, Water
Agricultural development Institution Governance Local government Forest management/forest conservation Public forest Expropriation Plant production Water supply Waterworks
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Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa

This Act provides with respect to local government and local authority (i.e. a municipal, county, town or urban council) in Kenya. The Minister shall have the power to establish municipalities, counties or townships. Local authorities may enter into agreement between them for purposes of joint management and control. A local authority may, for the purpose of any of its functions under this or any other written law, by agreement acquire land or subject to the approval of the Minister, apply to the Government or any other authority having power to acquire land for any land required for the purpose of any of its functions to be acquired compulsorily for and on behalf and at the expense of the local authority. Local authorities may, among other things: establish and maintain woodlands; take or require the taking of such steps and measures as may be necessary or desirable for securing the prevention and destruction of locusts and other noxious insects; establish, maintain, let and manage public markets; subject to any written law relating thereto, take such measures as may be necessary or desirable for the preservation or protection of wildlife; engage in livestock and agricultural undertakings and cultivation of famine relief crops. A municipal council, town council, or an urban or area council may undertake the supply of, and establish, acquire and maintain works for the supply of water within its area.

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Water Act, 2002 (Cap. 372).

Legislation | Kenya | 2002

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