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Guyana Livestock Development Authority Act (Cap. 71:10).

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An Act to promote greater efficiency in the livestock and livestock product industry and to provide enhanced services in livestock husbandry, livestock health and research and to establish the Guyana Livestock Development Authority so as to make provision for effective administration and regulation of trade, commerce and export of livestock or livestock products and for matters related or ncidental.
Agricultural & rural development, Livestock, Food & nutrition
Animal production Agricultural development Meat Processing/handling Internal trade International trade Authorization/permit Basic legislation Institution
Geographical area
Amazonia, Americas, Latin America and the Caribbean, LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN FAO, North Atlantic, Small Island Developing States, South America

This Act provides for the establishment of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority by the Minister and provides for its administration It also defines functions and powers of the Authority and provides for the control of the processing of or (international) trade in livestock and livestock products. The authority shall be establishes as a body corporate and be managed by a Board and a Chief Executive Officer. The Authority be instrumental in the development and promotion of the livestock or livestock product industry. It shall, among other things: present schemes to the Minister for approval and implement and execute such schemes; register livestock farmers, processors and traders; establish standards for the purpose of grading any livestock or livestock products; and provide services and products to livestock farmers.

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