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Governmental Decree No. HG910/2020 validating Veterinary and Sanitary requirements for animal feedstuffs.

Moldova, Republic of
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Animal feed/feedstuffs Animal health Hygiene/sanitary procedures Traceability/product tracing Packaging/labelling Standards Risk assessment/management Internal trade International trade
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CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, Landlocked Developing Nations

Veterinary and sanitary requirements for animal feedstuffs establish: (a) general rules for the hygiene of animal feed; (b) conditions and procedure for ensuring the traceability of animal feedstuffs; (c) rules for placing on the market and using animal feedstuffs, intended for the production of foodstuffs, and for animals not intended for food production; (d) requirements for labelling, packaging and presentation of feed. These Requirements apply to: (a) the activities of feed sector operators at all stages, from the production of raw materials to feedstuffs before it is placed on the market; (b) feeding animals intended for food production; (c) import and export of animal feedstuffs; and (d) undesirable substances of feed raw materials. The provisions of these Requirements regarding the hygiene of animal feedstuffs shall not be applicable to: (a) private domestic feed production; (b) animals intended for the production of foodstuffs for private home consumption; (c) animals not intended for food production; (d) feeding of animals intended for the production of foodstuffs for private household consumption or for direct supply by the manufacturer of small quantities of feed raw materials to end consumers; (e) production of raw materials for feed supplied by the manufacturer in small quantities directly to local farms for use on those farms; (f) feeding animals not intended for food production; and (g) retail trade in pet feedstuffs. Animal feedstuffs are placed on the market and used only they are safe and do not pose a risk to the health of animals, humans or environment. Feed sector operators who place feedstuffs on the market must ensure that feedstuffs are: (a) harmless, original, clean, of good quality and fit for purposeful use; and (b) labelled and packaged in accordance with these Requirements. Feed raw materials and compound feeds are placed on the market only in sealed packages or containers. Packaging or containers must be sealed so that when they are opened, the seal is damaged and cannot be re-used. Feed sector operators at all stages of production, processing and distribution must comply with the applicable hygiene requirements set out in these Requirements and in the good practice guides.

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Government Decree No. 1405 validating Veterinary and Sanitary Regulation on hygiene of feedstuffs and contents of undesirable substances therein.

Legislation | Moldova, Republic of | 2008

Keyword: Animal feed/feedstuffs, Animal health, Standards, Toxicity/poisoning, Transport/storage, International trade