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General Part of the Environmental Code Act (2011)

Document type
2011 (2023)
Original source
RT I, 28.02.2011, 1
Environment gen., Water
Protection of environment Environmental standards Public health Cultural heritage Sustainable development Biodiversity Resource/damage valuation Human rights Access-to-information Access-to-justice Public participation Authorization/permit Monitoring Liability/compensation Framework law Governance Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings EIA Environmental planning Policy/planning Standards Freshwater resources management Water rights Freshwater pollution Pollution control
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Northern Europe

The Act determines general principles for environmental protection in Estonia. Its purpose is to ensure the reduction of environmental nuisances to the maximum extent possible in order to protect the environment, human health, well-being, property and cultural heritage; the promotion of sustainable development in order to secure an environment that meets the human health and well-being needs of the present generation and future generations; the preservation and protection of natural diversity; the good state of the environment; and the prevention of damage to the environment and the remedying of damage caused to the environment. In its different parts, the Act provides for principles of environmental protection, main duties of environmental protection, environmental rights (including the right to information, right to participate, access to justice in environmental matters), environmental protection permits, state supervision, and liability for violating the law.

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