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Game Act.

Eswatini, Kingdom of
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An Act to amend the laws dealing with the preservation of game, and to provide for the preservation of other types of wild life in Swaziland.
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This Act provides rules for the management and conservation of game in Swaziland. "Game" includes royal game, large game and small game and the carcass, sinks, bones or horns of any head of game. The Minister may by notice in the Gazette declare any specified area to be a game reserve and may in like manner extend or restrict the limits of or abolish such game reserve under section 5 or declare any specified area to be a sanctuary for the protection of any game under section 6. Notwithstanding anything contained in section 12, any person who is the owner, lessee or manager of any land, or lawfully resident in a Swazi area, may, at any time, except in the close season referred to in section 7, hunt any small game, other than that protected under section 4, on such land without obtaining a licence for the purpose (sect. 15). Section 17 provides for trade in or exportation of game meat. Remaining provisions deal with taking, etc., of eggs of birds and young of game (sect. 20), trespass over land in pursuit of game (sect. 21), appointment and powers of game rangers (sect. 23), and regulation making powers of the Minister.

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Game (Amendment) Act, 1991 (Act No. 4 of 1991).

Legislation | Eswatini, Kingdom of | 1991

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