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Fisheries Management and Development Act, 2016 (No. 35 of 2016).

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An Act of Parliament to provide for the conservation, management and development of fisheries and other aquatic resources to enhance the livelihood of communities dependent on fishing and to establish the Kenya Fisheries Services; and for connected purposes.
Environment gen., Food & nutrition, Fisheries, Sea, Water, Wild species & ecosystems
Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Marine pollution Framework law Fishery management and conservation Marine fisheries Inland fisheries Aquaculture Institution Governance Fishing authorization Foreign fishing Seasons Registration Fishing gear/fishing method Access right Alien species Artisanal fishing Biodiversity Community management Data collection/reporting Fish disease Fishing charge Fishing vessel GMO High seas Inspection Integrated management International relations/cooperation Landing Local government Mariculture Marking/identification Monitoring Non-commercial fishing Policy/planning Research Special fund Stock enhancement/repopulation Transshipment Certification Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties Social protection Precautionary principle Sustainable use Food quality control/food safety Food security Fish products Internal trade International trade Processing/handling Authorization/permit Harbour Pollution control Ecosystem preservation Protection of habitats Marine mammals Marine protected areas Endangered species Protection of species Protected area
Geographical area
Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa
Entry into force notes
This Act shall come into force on the fourteenth day after publication in the Gazette (23 September 2016).

This Act provides with respect to a wide range of matters concerning the fisheries sector including fisheries management and conservation, aquaculture and fish processing and marketing. It establishes the Kenya Fisheries Advisory Council (“Council”), The Kenya Fisheries Service (“Service”), The Fish Marketing Authority (“Authority”), the Fisheries Research and Development Fund and the Fish Levy Trust Fund. The Act also implements obligations under international law concerning fisheries. The objective of this Act is to protect, manage, use and develop the aquatic resources in a manner which is consistent with ecologically sustainable development, to uplift the living standards of the fishing communities and to introduce fishing to traditionally non-fishing communities and to enhance food security. Guiding principles of the Act include, among other things, conservation and protection of fisheries habitats, ensuring the effective application of the ecosystem approach to fisheries management and that biodiversity and genetic diversity in the marine environment is maintained and enhanced, encouraging the participation of users of the fisheries resources, and the general community, in the management of fisheries, application of the precautionary approach to the management and development of the fisheries at no less standard than is set out in any international agreement.

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