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Environmental Law No.9 of 2009 amending some provisions of Law No.4 of 1994 on Environment.

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Air & atmosphere, Environment gen., Water, Waste & hazardous substances
Environmental planning Institution Environmental audit Authorization/permit Air quality/air pollution Hazardous waste Environmental standards Hazardous substances Ozone layer Pollution control Offences/penalties Noise pollution Policy/planning Standards Protection of environment Marine area Solid waste Inland waters EIA Waste management Freshwater pollution
Geographical area
Africa, Mediterranean, Middle East, Near East and North Africa, Northern Africa, Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force the day after its publication in the Official Gazette.

This Amendment consisting of 5 articles emphasizes the link between environment and development and deals with: the environmental protection of costs through an Integrated Environmental Management of Coastal Zones; the establishment of a supreme committee responsible for examining applications for registration of practitioners of environmental activities, as well as applications for accrediting experts and consultancy firms in the environmental field; rules for decontamination to be carried out by the owner of an establishment whose activities produce hazardous waste; exhaust, heavy smoke or noise exceeding limits. Articles 19–22 stipulate that an Environmental Impact Assessment should be prepared for development projects as a condition for obtaining the license. The Law also includes standards for air emissions, noise emissions, handling of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes, and management of excavation and construction wastes. The amended Law is more strict in banning: hunting and interventions on the local flora and fauna; collecting, possessing, transporting, or offering to sell kinds of fauna and flora fossils as well as trading in all endangered living organisms of fauna and flora species or their breeding or planting in sites other than their natural habitats without obtaining a license from EEAA; trading, using in industry, importing or possessing illicitly Ozone Depleting Substances in violation of the national and international Laws. Art. 47 Bis establishes a Supreme Council for the protection of the river Nile and waterways from pollution. Penalties for those who violate the provisions of Law are strengthened.

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Law No. 4 of 1994 on Environment.

Legislation | Egypt | 1994

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