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Environment (Atiu and Takutea) Regulations 2008.

Cook Islands
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Environment gen., Fisheries, Sea, Water, Wild species & ecosystems, Waste & hazardous substances
Institution Ecosystem preservation Coastal zone management Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties Marine pollution Marine fisheries Fishing gear/fishing method Crustaceans Fishery management and conservation Pollution control Waste disposal Hazardous waste Waste management Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Water supply Potable water Management/conservation Biodiversity Wetlands Traditional rights/customary rights Protection of habitats Protected area Alien species International trade Protection of species
Geographical area
ASIA AND THE PACIFIC, Oceania, Polynesia, Small Island Developing States, South Pacific

These Regulations provide rules relative to a wide variety of matters regarding the environment, fisheries, coastal zone management, wildlife and habitat protection and biodiversity in the Islands of Atiu and Takutea. They design Takutea as Community Conserved Area, i.e. a natural and modified ecosystem, voluntarily conserved by indigenous and local communities, through customary laws or other effective means. Various restrictions on fishing and other activities apply to this area. The Management Committee of Takutea shall manage the island of Takutea pursuant to the rules set out for the Trustees' Committee of Management in Schedule 6. The Regulations provide, among other things, for: introduction of alien species; protection of crayfish, birds, marine turtles and trees; management plans; declaration of a traditional custom of imposing restrictions on the use of the land, reef and lagoon with regards to their resources; protection of drinking water supply; pollution control; protection of the foreshore; and enforcement.

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Environment Act 2003 (No. 23 of 2003).

Legislation | Cook Islands | 2003

Keyword: Framework law, Basic legislation, Institution, EIA, Environmental planning, Special fund, Enforcement/compliance, Offences/penalties, Marine pollution, Pollution control, Waste disposal, Waste prevention, Waste management, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Basin/catchment/watershed, Sustainable development, Biodiversity, Management/conservation, Wetlands, Coastal zone management, Ecosystem preservation, Protection of habitats, Protected area, Protection of species