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Act No. 283 amending articles 242, 243, 247, 250 and 262 of Royal Decree No. 1265 of 27 July 1934 establishing hygiene requirements for the production and marketing of food and beverages.

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Original source
Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana No. 139, 4 June 1962.
Food & nutrition
Food quality control/food safety Hygiene/sanitary procedures Packaging/labelling Inspection Fraud Food additives Internal trade Offences/penalties
Geographical area
Alps, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Mediterranean, Southern Europe
Entry into force notes
The Act comes into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette (5 June 1962).

The Act amends the provisions of the health basic law (contained in Royal Decree No. 1265 of 1934) regarding food hygiene as well as fraud and food adulteration. The above-mentioned provisions concern inter alia (a) the inspection by the health authority of establishments engaged in the production, storage and distribution of food; (b) the analysis of samples by authorized laboratories; (c) the issue of authorizations by the appropriate health authority for the production, packaging and storage of food; (d) the prevention of fraud and adulteration; (e) the production, marketing, storage and advertising of food additives; (f) food treatment; (g) food labelling; (h) hygiene of tools destined to come into contact with food; (i) enforcement measures.

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Implemented by

Presidential Decree No. 327 regulating the implementation of Act No. 283 of 30 April 1962, and its subsequent amendments, establishing hygiene requirements for the production and marketing of foodstuffs and beverages.

Legislation | Italy | 1980

Keyword: Food quality control/food safety, Hygiene/sanitary procedures, Food additives, Beverages, Treated food, Standards, Packaging/labelling, Authorization/permit, Internal trade


Ministerial Decree implementing Directive 2001/57/EC and amending Ministerial Decree of 19 May 2000 fixing maximum levels for active substances of phytosanitary products on foodstuffs.

Legislation | Italy | 2002

Keyword: Food quality control/food safety, Standards, MRL-maximum residue limit, Pesticides


Repealed by

Legislative Decree No. 193 implementing Directive 2004/41/EC concerning food safety and implementing European Community regulations in this sector.

Legislation | Italy | 2007

Keyword: Basic legislation, Food quality control/food safety, Hygiene/sanitary procedures, Processing/handling, Slaughtering, Offences/penalties, Animal health