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Sustainable agriculture, rural development and forestry – Article 7 of the Carpathian Convention

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Aug 22, 2018
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Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians (May 22, 2003)
Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention

The Conference of the Parties

1. welcomes the work of the Working Group on Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestry, takes note of its report as contained in the document UNEP/CC/COP2/2, and invites Parties and other stakeholders to ensure the proper follow-up;

2. welcomes the Adelboden Group Declaration and appreciates that the SARD-M project was presented by Switzerland as a successful example of cooperation between FAO and the Carpathian Convention at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development on its 16th session;

3. welcomes the National Policy Assessments conducted by Parties, as well as the Regional Assessment prepared by the interim Secretariat, as a basis for the establishment of a regional platform for policy exchange and development, in collaboration with and with the support of FAO;

4. invites the Parties to continue to take part in the preparatory work towards the development of a Protocol on Sustainable Forestry, and requests the interim Secretariat to further coordinate and service the Parties in the process;

5. calls upon Parties and invites relevant institutions, including the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests (MCPFE) as well as the Padua University, to support the development of the Protocol, and/or future projects/programmes (European Platform of Mountain Forests).