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Mercury waste

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Sep 24, 2018
Air & atmosphere, Waste & hazardous substances, Mineral resources
Hazardous substances Hazardous waste
Minamata Convention on Mercury (Oct 10, 2013)
1st Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP1)

The Conference of the Parties,
Welcoming with appreciation decision BC-12/4 of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal, on the technical guidelines on the environmentally sound management of wastes consisting of, containing or contaminated with mercury,

Recalling article 11 of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which requests parties to the Minamata Convention to take into account the guidelines referred to in the preceding paragraph,
1. Establishes an open-ended process to initiate work on the relevant thresholds called for under article 11, with the following terms of reference:
(a) To identify the types of waste that fall within the categories specified in paragraph 2 of article 11, and provide related information;
(b) To prioritize the types of waste identified in paragraph 1 (a) of the present decision that are most relevant to the establishment of waste thresholds, mindful of the objective of the Convention;
(c) To identify possible approaches to establishing any needed thresholds for the waste prioritized in paragraph 1 (b) of the present decision;
2. Requests the secretariat to:
(a) Circulate an open call to all parties, non-parties and other relevant stakeholders for the nomination, by 1 November 2017, of experts to participate in the process, including a request for a brief description of their relevant expertise;
(b) Call for submissions by the experts related to paragraph 1 (a) by 30 December 2017;
(c) Prepare an organized compilation of the information received under paragraph 2 (b);
(d) Circulate the compilation to experts by 15 February 2018, with a request for input by 15 April 2018, on paragraph 1 (b), including the basis for such prioritization;
(e) Consolidate the input received from the experts in response to paragraph 2 (d) by 15 May 2018, and provide the consolidation to the experts, with a request for the submission of possible approaches consistent with paragraph 1 (c) above, by 15 July 2018;
(f) Report to the Conference of the Parties at its second meeting on the outcomes to date of the open-ended process;
3. Decides to review at its second meeting the progress achieved by the open-ended process and decide on further action taking into account the most effective modalities for determining relevant threshold(s).