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Aug 22, 2018
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Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians (May 22, 2003)
Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention

The Conference of the Parties

1. recognizes the important support provided by the EU INTERREG III B CADSES "Carpathian Project" for the achievement of significant progress in the implementation of the Convention’s goals;

2. underlines the importance of continuing the structural support for the Carpathian region from the relevant European Union programmes, in particular the European Regional Development Fund, to support the follow-up projects prioritized in the framework of the Carpathian Convention;

3. invites the relevant national, regional and local authorities to make full use of the available programmes ((i.e. European Territorial Cooperation funds, SDC Cohesion Funds, Norwegian Fund, LIFE+, ENPI and IPA) to achieve the goals of the Carpathian Convention;

4. takes note of the important role of the Carpathian Convention as a coherent framework for transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation for the implementation of activities throughout the Carpathian region;

5. invites Parties participating in the decision-making bodies of the above mentioned programmes to ensure the due consideration of the Carpathian convention priorities in project selection and approval;

6. requests the interim Secretariat to ensure the necessary coordination in development and implementation of projects within the framework of the Carpathian Convention;

7. stresses the need for the establishment of a full-fledged Carpathian Space programme, and requests the interim Secretariat to continue to promote and support this process in cooperation with the EU Member States that are Parties to the Carpathian Convention;

8. calls upon Parties participating in the decision-making bodies of the relevant programmes of the European Territorial Cooperation to start up cooperation with the relevant EU bodies in the preparation of the "Carpathian Space" programme of European Territorial Cooperation for the 2014-2020 budget period;

9. invites the European Union within the context of the implementation of its Neighbourhood Policy and the Pre-Accession Programme to address the needs of the non-EU Parties to the Carpathian Convention;

10. expresses its gratefulness to Switzerland for including the Carpathian Convention in the areas eligible for support through the Swiss contribution to EU enlargement, and encourages relevant Parties to expedite the development and approval of coordinated projects in support of the Carpathian Convention;

11. invites the Presidency of the Carpathian Convention to inform other European Union members of the outcomes of the COP2;

12. recognizing the importance of strengthening the working relations between the European Community and the Carpathian Convention on various thematic and other areas, recalls in particular the invitation to the European Community to support the Carpathian Convention process through accession or otherwise.