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  • Paris Agreement

    Treaty | Multilateral | Paris |

    Keyword: Risk assessment/management, Equity, Sustainable development, Climate change, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Poverty, Public health, Emissions, Public participation, Technology transfer, Education, Access-to-information, Early warning system/emergency intervention system, Developing countries

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160054)

  • Minamata Convention on Mercury

    Treaty | Multilateral | Kumamoto |

    Keyword: Ecofriendly products/ecofriendly processes, Standards, Economy and environment, Effluent waste (industrial sources), Environmental standards, Toxicity/poisoning, International agreement-text

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160007)

  • The Arms Trade Treaty

    Treaty | Multilateral | New York |

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160004)

  • Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol

    Treaty | Multilateral | Doha |

    Keyword: Climate change, Emissions, Data collection/reporting

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-159939)

  • Agreement for the Establishment of the African Risk Capacity (ARC) Agency

    Treaty | Multilateral | Pretoria |

    Keyword: Institution, Risk assessment/management, Climate change

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160009)

  • Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and their Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Treaty | Multilateral | Nagoya |

    Keyword: Access-to-justice, Food security, Capacity building, Climate change, Biodiversity, Genetic resources, Agriculture and environment, Public health, Biotechnology, Cultural heritage, Enforcement/compliance, Access-to-information, Access and benefit sharing

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-155959)

  • Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

    Treaty | Multilateral | Bonn |

    Keyword: Capacity building, Desertification

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-147215)

  • African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (Revised Version)

    Treaty | Multilateral | Maputo |

    Keyword: Hunting gear/hunting methods, Zoning, Forest management/forest conservation, Wild flora, Access-to-justice, Wildlife products, Environmental audit, Access and benefit sharing, Military activities, International agreement-text, Capacity building, Water supply, Soil conservation/soil improvement, Hazardous waste, Transboundary effects, Research, Biodiversity, Potable water, Standards, Sustainable use, Access-to-information, Public participation, Protected area, Traditional rights/customary rights, Erosion, Monitoring, Right to clean/healthy environment, Protection of species, Protection of habitats, Water quality standards, EIA, Ecosystem preservation, Land tenure, Wetlands, Wild fauna, Sustainable development, Management/conservation, Hazardous substances, Endangered species, Genetic resources, Intellectual property rights/patents, Education, Alien species, Precautionary principle

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001395)

  • WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)

    Treaty | Multilateral | Geneva |

    Keyword: Tobacco, Economy and environment, International organization, Indigenous peoples, Agriculture and environment, Sustainable development

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160030)

  • Protocol on Forestry

    Treaty | Multilateral | Luanda |

    Keyword: Public participation, Non-timber products, Internal trade, International agreement-text, Sustainable use, Traditional rights/customary rights, Land tenure, Ecosystem preservation, Environmental planning, Dispute settlement, Policy/planning, Economy and environment, Monitoring, Endangered species, Forest management/forest conservation, Forestry protection measures, Enforcement/compliance, Precautionary principle, Timber, Community management, Biodiversity, Access-to-information, Law reform/harmonization/deregulation, Protected area, International trade, Capacity building, Access and benefit sharing, Resource accounting, Data collection/reporting, Right of use, Genetic resources, Alien species, International organization, Sustainable development, Research, Climate change

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001361)

  • International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

    Treaty | Multilateral | Rome |

    Keyword: Access right, Community management, Pollution control, Waste disposal, Plant production, Enforcement/compliance, Plant protection, Access-to-information, Policy/planning, Crops/grasses, Agricultural development, Registration, International relations/cooperation, Endangered species, Biodiversity, Breeders' rights/farmers' rights, Sustainable use, Monitoring, Dispute settlement, Protected area, Certification, Ex-situ conservation, Farming, Plant variety, Education, Recycling/reuse, Data collection/reporting, Food quality control/food safety, Access and benefit sharing, Hazardous substances, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Traditional rights/customary rights, Inventory, Pesticides, Genetic resources, Protected plant species, Hazardous waste, Research, Biotechnology, Management/conservation, Planting material/seeds

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001346)

  • Agreement Amending the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community

    Treaty | Multilateral | Blantyre |

    Keyword: Capacity building

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001366)

  • Protocol on Fisheries

    Treaty | Multilateral | Blantyre |

    Keyword: Fishery management and conservation, Monitoring, Migratory species, Fishing gear/fishing method, Total allowable catch, EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone, Aquaculture, Precautionary principle, Food security, Technology transfer, Alien species, Bycatch, Public participation, Enforcement/compliance, Aquatic animal products, Ecosystem preservation, Inventory, Artisanal fishing, Capacity building, Protection of species, Endangered species, Data collection/reporting, Non-commercial fishing, Protection of habitats, Fish products, Dispute settlement, Biodiversity, Education, Law reform/harmonization/deregulation, Future generations, Court/tribunal, Indigenous peoples, Fishing vessel, Sustainable use, Research, High seas, Gender and natural resources

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001362)

  • Convention of the African Energy Commission

    Treaty | Multilateral | Lusaka |

    Keyword: Transfer, Technology transfer, Desertification, Sustainable development, Poverty, Renewable energy, Dispute settlement, Research, Education, Energy conservation/energy production

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160034)

  • Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

    Treaty | Multilateral | Stockholm |

    Keyword: Capacity building, Enforcement/compliance, Access-to-information, Dispute settlement, Emissions

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001338)

  • United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

    Treaty | Multilateral | New York |

    Keyword: Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Protected fish species, Transshipment, Sovereignty, Protected plant species, Endangered species, Protected animal species, Protection of species

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-160028)

  • Revised Protocol on Shared Watercourses

    Treaty | Multilateral | Windhoek |

    Keyword: Transboundary effects, Waste disposal, Wetlands, Monitoring, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Authorization/permit, Alien species, Early warning system/emergency intervention system, Drainage/land reclamation, Water shortage/drought, Desertification, Enforcement/compliance, Ecosystem preservation, Pollution control, Policy/planning, Environmental standards, Data collection/reporting, Water users' associations, Navigation, Dispute settlement, Water supply, Basin/catchment/watershed, Sustainable development, Freshwater resources management, Law reform/harmonization/deregulation, Erosion, EIA, Court/tribunal, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Waterworks, River basin institution, Hydropower generation, Research

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001360)

  • Constitutive Act of the African Union

    Treaty | Multilateral | Lome |

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001337)

  • Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Treaty | Multilateral | Montreal |

    Keyword: Risk assessment/management, Transboundary effects, Biosafety, Biodiversity, International trade, Packaging/labelling, Institution, Biotechnology, Transport/storage, Liability/compensation, Sustainable use, Financing, Monitoring, GMO, Education, Access-to-information, Food quality control/food safety, International agreement-text, Precautionary principle

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001327)

  • Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer

    Treaty | Multilateral | Beijing |

    Keyword: Ozone layer

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001339)