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  • Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

    Legislation | Australia | 2016 (2018)

    Keyword: Basic legislation, Institution, Ecosystem preservation, Environmental planning, Authorization/permit, EIA, Wetlands, Inspection, Offences/penalties, Biodiversity, Sustainable development, Traditional knowledge/indigenous knowledge, Traditional rights/customary rights, Marine fisheries, Protection of species, Research, Policy/planning, Protected area, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Migratory species, Alien species, Endangered species, Marine mammals, Biosphere reserves, National parks, Marine protected areas, International agreement-implementation, Access and benefit sharing, Marine area

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Plantations and Reafforestation (Code) Regulation 2001.

    Legislation | Australia | 2001 (2018)

    Keyword: Afforestation/reforestation, Standards, Timber, Timber extraction/logging, Cultural heritage, Biodiversity, Authorization/permit

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Code de l’environnement (Partie législative)

    Legislation | France | 2000 (2018)

    Keyword: Framework law, Environmental planning, Pollution control, Public participation, EIA, Access-to-information, Institution, Non-governmental entity, Liability/compensation, Offences/penalties, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Risk assessment/management, Classification/declassification, Flood, Noise pollution, Marine pollution, Inland fisheries, Fish products, Fishery management and conservation, Soil pollution/quality, Soil rehabilitation, Land-use planning, Maritime zone, Coastal zone management, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Freshwater resources management, Governance, Water quality standards, Radiation, Management/conservation, Protected area, Wild fauna, Wild flora, Wetlands, Wildlife products, Access right, GMO, Protection of species, Ranching/captive breeding, Ecosystem preservation, Hunting/capture

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014.

    Legislation | Australia | 2014 (2018)

    Keyword: Waste disposal, Waste management, Transport/storage, Inspection, Hazardous waste, Authorization/permit, Classification/declassification, Monitoring, Pollution control, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Local Government Act 2002 (No. 84 of 2002).

    Legislation | New Zealand | 2002 (2018)

    Keyword: Local government, Institution, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Monitoring, Traditional rights/customary rights

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Resolution 18/08 on Procedures on a Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) Management Plan, including a Limitation on the number of FADs, more detailed specifications of catch reporting from FAD sets, and the Development of improved FAD designs to reduce incidence of entanglement of Non-target species.

    Legislation | 2018

    Keyword: Marine fisheries, Fishery management and conservation, Monitoring, Data collection/reporting, Fishing gear/fishing method, Equipment, Fishing vessel, Marine fishes, Marking/identification, Bycatch

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2018.

    Legislation | Australia | 2018

    Keyword: Ecosystem preservation, Environmental planning, Authorization/permit, Wetlands, Inspection, Offences/penalties, Biodiversity, Sustainable development, Protected area, Migratory species, Alien species, Endangered species, Marine mammals, Biosphere reserves, National parks, Marine protected areas, International agreement-implementation, Access and benefit sharing, Marine area

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Loi n°48/2018 du 13/08/2018 sur l’environnement.

    Legislation | Rwanda | 2018

    Keyword: Air quality/air pollution, Energy conservation/energy production, Basic legislation, Authorization/permit, Biodiversity, Capacity building, Certification, Climate change, Community management, Enforcement/compliance, Dispute settlement, Ecofriendly products/ecofriendly processes, Ecosystem preservation, Effluent waste water/discharge, EIA, Emissions, Emissions trading, Environmental fees/charges, Environmental planning, Environmental security, Environmental standards, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Hazardous substances, Hazardous waste, Inspection, Integrated management, International relations/cooperation, Mining, Monitoring, Noise pollution, Ozone layer, Polluter pays principle, Pollution control, Precautionary principle, Protected area, Protection of habitats, Right to clean/healthy environment, Social protection, Soil conservation/soil improvement, Soil pollution/quality, Soil rehabilitation, Solid waste, Sustainable development, Waste management, Waste prevention, Water quality standards, Wetlands, Offences/penalties, Plant protection, Freshwater resources management

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Miscellaneous Offenses (Code of Virginia: Title 62.1. Waters of the State, Ports and Harbors; Chapter 20; §§ 62.1-194 through 62.1-196)

    Legislation | United States of America | 1950 (2018)

    Keyword: Oil, Natural gas, Offences/penalties, Pollution control, Water quality standards, Surface water

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Fisheries Management Act 1994.

    Legislation | Australia | 1994 (2018)

    Keyword: Basic legislation, Fishery management and conservation, Fishing gear/fishing method, Seasons, Total allowable catch, Enforcement/compliance, Aquaculture, Mariculture, Size, Policy/planning, Institution, Non-governmental entity, Court/tribunal, Fishing authorization, Protection of species

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

    Legislation | Australia | 1997 (2018)

    Keyword: Basic legislation, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Environmental audit, Environmental planning, Access-to-information, Authorization/permit, Pollution control, Classification/declassification, Waste management

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • National Parks Act 1975.

    Legislation | Australia | 1975 (2018)

    Keyword: National parks, Protected area, Protection of habitats, Marine protected areas, Zoning, Research

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Code rural et de la pêche maritime (Partie législative).

    Legislation | France | 1 (2018)

    Keyword: Framework law, Agricultural development, Agricultural land, Research, Cooperative/producer organization, Governance, Rural employment, Risk assessment/management, Climate change, Social protection, Ecofriendly products/ecofriendly processes, Ecological production/organic production, Extension, Capacity building, Institution, Fishery management and conservation, Aquaculture, Access-to-information, Transshipment, Fishing area, Business/industry/corporations, Internal trade, International trade, Landing, Processing/handling, Monitoring, Inspection, Offences/penalties, Food quality control/food safety, Food security, Land-use planning, Land commission, Land tenure, Lease, Servitude, Animal health, Marking/identification, Animal feed/feedstuffs, Animal production, Animal reproduction, Plant production, Plant protection

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (S.C. 1999, c. 33).

    Legislation | Canada | 1999 (2017)

    Keyword: Air quality/air pollution, Basic legislation, Pollution control, Environmental planning, Marine pollution, Institution, Hazardous substances, Hazardous waste, Waste disposal, Waste management, Freshwater resources management, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Sustainable use

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Navigation Protection Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. N-22).

    Legislation | Canada | 1985 (2017)

    Keyword: Navigation, Waterworks, Inland waters

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act (S.C. 1988, c. 28).

    Legislation | Canada | 1988 (2017)

    Keyword: International agreement-implementation, Energy conservation/energy production, Oil, Institution, Policy/planning, Pollution control, EIA

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304).

    Legislation | Canada | 1986 (2017)

    Keyword: Pollution control, Public health, Business/industry/corporations, Institution, Radiation, Hazardous substances, Offences/penalties, Enforcement/compliance, Noise pollution

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act (S.C. 1987, c. 3).

    Legislation | Canada | 1987 (2017)

    Keyword: Sub-national agreement, Oil, Institution, Contract/agreement, Policy/planning, Enforcement/compliance

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry) Regulations 2017.

    Legislation | New Zealand | 2017

    Keyword: Afforestation/reforestation, Forest management/forest conservation, Forestry protection measures, Plant protection, Planting material/seeds, Forest service/forest officers, Authorization/permit, Standards

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX

  • Conservation and Management Measure for bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (CMM 2017–01).

    Legislation | 2017

    Keyword: Marine fisheries, Fishery management and conservation, Monitoring, Data collection/reporting, Marine fishes, Total allowable catch, Fishing gear/fishing method, Stock enhancement/repopulation, Policy/planning, Sustainable use, Research, High seas

    Source: FAO, FAOLEX