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  • Renewable Energy and Migratory Species

    Decision UNEP/CMS/Resolution 11.27 Adopted | CMS |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Renewable Energy and Migratory Species

    Decision Resolution 11.27 (Rev. COP12) Adopted | CMS |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Renewable Energy and Migratory Species

    Decision Resolution 11.27 (Rev.COP13) Adopted | CMS |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Renewable Energy and Migratory Waterbirds

    Decision UNEP/AEWA/MOP5/Res. 5.16 Adopted | AEWA |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Addressing Impacts of Renewable Energy Deployment on Migratory Waterbirds

    Decision UNEP/AEWA/MOP6/Res. 6.11 Adopted | AEWA |

    Keyword: Migratory species, Management/conservation, Renewable energy, Energy conservation/energy production

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA


    Decision Resolution 11.26 | CMS |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Wind power, wildlife, and the migratory bird treaty act: A way forward

    Author: Lilley M., Firestone J.

    In: Environmental Law | Vol. 38(4); 1167 - 1214; 48 p.

    Publisher: Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College | Portland, OR, USA | 2008

    Literature | United States of America

    Keyword: Renewable energy, Birds, Migratory species

    Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-081503)

  • Work Plan for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and Secretariat 2017-2020 and Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023

    Decision Resolution No. 2: | ASCOBANS |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Protocol on Fisheries

    Treaty | Multilateral | Blantyre |

    Keyword: Fishery management and conservation, Monitoring, Migratory species, Fishing gear/fishing method, Total allowable catch, EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone, Aquaculture, Precautionary principle, Food security, Technology transfer, Alien species, Bycatch, Public participation, Enforcement/compliance, Aquatic animal products, Ecosystem preservation, Inventory, Artisanal fishing, Capacity building, Protection of species, Endangered species, Data collection/reporting, Non-commercial fishing, Protection of habitats, Fish products, Dispute settlement, Biodiversity, Education, Law reform/harmonization/deregulation, Future generations, Court/tribunal, Indigenous peoples, Fishing vessel, Sustainable use, Research, High seas, Gender and natural resources

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001362)

  • Third ACP-CEE Convention

    Treaty | Multilateral | Lome |

    Keyword: Ranching/captive breeding, International trade, Management/conservation, Exploration, Sustainable development, Agricultural development, Sustainable use, Food quality control/food safety, Developing countries, Energy conservation/energy production, Desertification, International organization, Agro-forestry, Fishery management and conservation, International relations/cooperation, International agreement-text, Mining

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-000826)

  • Protocol for Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin

    Treaty | Multilateral | Arusha |

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-159877)

  • Management of Trust Funds and Earmarked Contributions

    Decision Decision 4/3 Adopted | UNEA |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (Revised Version)

    Treaty | Multilateral | Maputo |

    Keyword: Hunting gear/hunting methods, Zoning, Forest management/forest conservation, Wild flora, Access-to-justice, Wildlife products, Environmental audit, Access and benefit sharing, Military activities, International agreement-text, Capacity building, Water supply, Soil conservation/soil improvement, Hazardous waste, Transboundary effects, Research, Biodiversity, Potable water, Standards, Sustainable use, Access-to-information, Public participation, Protected area, Traditional rights/customary rights, Erosion, Monitoring, Right to clean/healthy environment, Protection of species, Protection of habitats, Water quality standards, EIA, Ecosystem preservation, Land tenure, Wetlands, Wild fauna, Sustainable development, Management/conservation, Hazardous substances, Endangered species, Genetic resources, Intellectual property rights/patents, Education, Alien species, Precautionary principle

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001395)

  • Management of trust funds and earmarked contributions

    Decision 2/23 Active | UNEA |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Fourth ACP-EEC Convention

    Treaty | Multilateral | Lome |

    Keyword: Management/conservation, Sustainable development, Food quality control/food safety, International organization, International trade, Exploration, Energy conservation/energy production, Transboundary movement of waste, Fishery management and conservation, Mining, Pesticides, Sustainable use, Ecosystem preservation, Renewable energy, Developing countries, International relations/cooperation, Radioactive waste, Agricultural development, Desertification, EIA, Agro-forestry, Ranching/captive breeding, International agreement-text

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001056)

  • Management of trust funds and earmarked contributions

    Decision Resolution 1/16 Active | UNEA |

    Source: UNEP, InforMEA

  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Kenya the United Repubic of Tanzania and the Republic of Uganda for Cooperation on Environment Management

    Treaty | Multilateral | Nairobi |

    Keyword: Transboundary effects, Wetlands, Fishery management and conservation, Monitoring, Migratory species, Transboundary movement of waste, Toxicity/poisoning, Waste management, Access-to-information, Coastal zone management, Alien species, Public participation, Resource/damage valuation, Wild fauna, Right to clean/healthy environment, Water shortage/drought, International relations/cooperation, Desertification, Hazardous waste, Enforcement/compliance, Subsidy/incentive, Capacity building, Hazardous substances, Pollution control, Ecosystem preservation, Protection of species, Offences/penalties, Environmental standards, Data collection/reporting, Protection of habitats, Renewable energy, Protected area, Dispute settlement, Freshwater resources management, Forest management/forest conservation, Mountain area, Education, Law reform/harmonization/deregulation, EIA, Wild flora, PIC-prior informed consent, Afforestation/reforestation, Sustainable use, Research, Marine protected areas

    Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001332)