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Water Quality and Supply (Fees) Order 2016 (S.I. No. 303 of 2016).

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Approvisionnement en eau Redevances pour les eaux Inspection
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Îles de l'Océan Atlantique, Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Atlantique Nord, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du Nord-Est, Europe du Nord

This Order provides for fees for the carrying out of certain functions under the Water Industry Act 1991 by an inspector( assessor for the enforcement of water quality) appointed by the Secretary of State under that Act. Fees shall be payable by a relevant water supplier, i.e.: (a) a company appointed as a water undertaker whose area is wholly or mainly in England; or (b) a company which is the holder of a water supply licence within the meaning of section 17A of the 1991 Act (licensing of water suppliers) who is using the supply system of any water undertaker whose area is wholly or mainly in England. The functions for which fees are charged are: (a) checking water sampling and analysis arrangements; (b) checking water supply management arrangements; (c) investigating an event, incident, emergency or other matter arising from the quality or sufficiency of water; (d) checking the handling and reporting of consumer complaints about water quality or sufficiency; and (e) checking compliance with requirements to furnish information to, or to notify, the Secretary of State concerning these arrangements and matters. The Order sets out the circumstances and manner in which fees are payable, and must be approved, published and reviewed.

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Water Industry Act 1991 (Chapter 56).

Législation | Royaume-Uni | 1991

Mot clé: Approvisionnement en eau, Égouts, Institution, Ouvrages, Eau potable, Eaux usées/déversement, Redevances pour les eaux, Eau à usage industriel, Irrigation, Accès-à-l'information, Lutte contre la pollution, Pollution des eaux douces


Amendé par

Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 614 of 2016).

Législation | Royaume-Uni | 2016

Mot clé: Lutte contre la pollution, Radiation, Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires, Eau potable, Normes, Approvisionnement en eau, Pollution des eaux douces, Normes de qualité de l'eau, Zone de conservation des eaux, Inspection, Monitorage, Infractions/sanctions