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Water Conservation (Rangitata River) Order 2006.

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Bétail, Forêts, Eau
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Gestion forestière/conservation des forêts Feux de forêts Aliments pour animaux Santé des animaux Eaux continentales Zone de conservation des eaux Protection du consommateur Normes de qualité de l'eau Prélèvement d'eau
Aire géographique
Asie et Pacifique, Australie et Nouvelle-Zélande, Océanie, Pacifique Sud
Entry into force notes
This order enters into force on the 20th working day after the day of its notification in the Gazette.

This Order, made under the Resource Management Act 1991 and consisting of 13 sections completed by three Schedules, pursuant to section 214 of the Resource Management Act 1991, establishes the following water resources management. This Order does not limit section 14(3)(b) and (e) of the Act relating to the use of water for domestic needs, for the needs of animals, and for, or in connection with, fire-fighting purposes. It does not restrict or prevent the grant of water or discharge permits to the Department of Conservation or rules being included in a regional plan that will permit minor water uses if those minor uses are necessary for conservation purposes for the management of land administered by the Department. This Order does not restrict or prevent the grant of resource consents for the purpose of: a) research into, and enhancement of, fisheries and wildlife habitats; or b) hydrological or water quality investigations; or c) the construction, removal, maintenance or protection of any road, ford or bridge, or the maintenance and protection of any network utility operation (s. 166 of the Act); or d) the construction and maintenance of soil conservation and river protection works undertaken pursuant to the Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Act 1941; e) extraction of gravel for commercial purposes where the extraction does not cause the material alteration of the channel cross section, or meandering pattern, or braided river characteristics of the subject water body. It does not prevent the granting of further resource consents for the Rangitata Diversion Race on similar terms and conditions to those imposed on the resource consents held on the date this order comes into force including a stepped flow regime. Schedules specify the following issues: Waters to be retained in natural state; Protected waters; Waters to be protected for their contribution to the above mentioned outstanding features.

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Resource Management Act 1991 (No. 69 of 1991).

Législation | Nouvelle-Zélande | 1991 (2022)

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