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Resolution on the process for improved compliance of resolutions adopted by the Commission (C-11-07).

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Pêche maritime Gestion et conservation des pêches Collecte de données/déclarations Monitorage Mise en application Poissons cartilagineux

This Resolution of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) introduces a program for reviewing the compliance status of Members and co-operating non-Members of the Commission (CPCs). It sets out procedures concerning the Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures adopted by the Commission and also provides with respect to follow-up of the Committee’s work. Upon receiving the report from the Committee, the Commission shall consider any comments or replies from of the CPC concerned. If necessary, the Commission will subsequently decide actions for improving compliance by each CPC, which includes sending a letter from the Commission Chairman to each CPC, indicating each CPC’s compliance record and identifying areas of possible improvement. CPCs for which areas of possible improvement have been identified shall submit a plan of action for such improvement within three months of the end of the Commission’s ordinary meeting. The Committee may consider development of a scheme of sanctions and incentives as well as a mechanism for their application to improve compliance by all CPCs and shall also develop a set of common guidelines and formats for data submissions.

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Resolution on the Process for Improved Compliance of Resolution Adopted by the Commission (Resolution C-22-02).

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Mot clé: Pêche maritime, Gestion et conservation des pêches, Collecte de données/déclarations, Mise en application, Poissons cartilagineux, Utilisation durable, Monitorage