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Regulations relating to Import and Export of Aquatic Organisms and Aquaculture Products (G.N. No. 70 of 2010).

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Alimentation et nutrition, Pêche
Mot clé
Aquaculture Mariculture Maladie des poissons Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires Produits de la pêche Commerce international Inspection Autorisation/permis Infractions/sanctions
Aire géographique
Afrique, AFRIQUE FAO, Atlantique sud, Afrique méridionale

These Regulations, made under section 43 of the Aquaculture Act 2002 establish requirements for import of aquatic organisms (defined by the Act) and provide with respect to control of import and export of aquatic organisms. A person intending to import aquatic organisms must register as an importer and apply for an import permit in terms of these regulations. An application for an import permit must be made to the Minister in the form substantially corresponding with Annexure C. Before making a decision on an application for an import permit, the Minister may require an applicant to carry out a risk assessment in respect of the aquatic organisms to be imported. At the port of entry, an inspector or any other person authorised by law must carry out an inspection of an imported shipment. Operation of a facility to keep aquatic organism in quarantine requires a licence issued or an approval granted under these Regulations. Exportation of aquatic organisms also requires a permit and registration. Import and export of aquatic organisms or aquaculture products must be done at approved ports.

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Mot clé: Aquaculture, Mariculture, Politique/planification, Institution, Autorisation/permis, Animaux aquatiques, Espèces exotiques, Maladie des poissons, Commerce international, Inspection, Infractions/sanctions, Médicaments, Législation de base, Normes de qualité de l'eau