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Regulation on the fisheries register.

Type du document
Pêche, Eau
Mot clé
Collecte de données/déclarations Gestion et conservation des pêches Poissons d'eau douce Pêche continentale Pollution des eaux douces/qualité des eaux douces Lutte contre la pollution
Aire géographique
Alpes, Europe, EUROPE ET ASIE CENTRALE, Pays de l'union européenne, Méditerranée, Europe du sud
Entry into force notes
This Regulation entered into force on 8 March 2008.

This Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, which is composed of 22 articles, lays down detailed rules on records on fisheries which are kept in the fisheries register. The register consists of cadastre records with data that are important for fisheries planning, providing technical solutions and opinions, actions and regulations on freshwater fisheries, which are needed for the conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources and determine the elements of ecological status of water and measures to its improvement. The register contains records on: fishing areas, districts and basins, waters of special interest, operators dealing with fisheries management, farms, commercial ponds, reports on annual fisheries management in fishing districts, reports on annual fishery management in waters of special interest, monitoring of fish populations, breeding of fish for restocking, sustainable fish breeding, deaths of fish in inland waters, fish-eating birds, interventions in fishing districts, exams for professional workers in the fishery, and other information necessary for fisheries.

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Mot clé: Pêche continentale, Législation de base, Poissons d'eau douce, Gestion et conservation des pêches, Espèces exotiques, Pêche non-commerciale