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Order No. 622 of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources validating the Regulation on rules and regulatory requirements for captive keeping of dolphins.

Type du document
Espèces sauvages et écosystèmes
Mot clé
Faune sauvage Mammifères marins Chasse/capture Ranch/reproduction en captivité
Aire géographique
Mer Noire, CEI (Communauté des États indépendants), Europe de l'est, Europe, EUROPE ET ASIE CENTRALE
Entry into force notes
This Order enters into force on the date of its official publication.

This Order sets forth rules and regulatory requirements for captive keeping of dolphins that shall be applicable to dolphinaria (oceanaria), subjects of the right of ownership to wild fauna species and other persons keeping (temporarily keeping) dolphins in conditions of captivity. Pools and cages must be strong and kept in good condition to ensure the maintenance of marine mammals, their protection against damage and to prevent the penetration of unwanted animals from other species from the outside. Types of pools and entrances of dolphins (oceanaria) are determined depending on local natural conditions: concrete, metal or plastic; pile-net; natural marine waters, enclosed by wall networks; complexes that combine different types of buildings. In the pools and enclosures of the dolphinaria (oceanaria) there should be natural seawater.

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