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Order No. 270 on release of game, hunting methods and hunting tools.

Type du document
Environnement gén., Espèces sauvages et écosystèmes
Mot clé
Protection de l'habitat Aire protégée Faune sauvage Oiseaux Autorisation/permis de chasse Chasse/capture Équipement de chasse/méthodes de chasse Éducation Politique/planification Collecte de données/déclarations
Aire géographique
Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du Nord-Est, Europe du Nord
Entry into force notes
28 March 2014. Article 15 does not apply to applications submitted to the Danish Nature Agency prior to 28 December 2009.

This Order sets regulations on the permit for catch and hunting, and the methods used. It is not permitted to hunt mammals from artificial shelters, platforms raised more than 50 cm above the surrounding terrain, hunting with rifles, or from fire towers located at a min. of 130 meters from other properties. Free hunting rights on fishing territory may be exercised from floating boats and from an area adjacent to the authorized fishing territory. Fishing from motored boat is not permitted during the month of September, and no hunting for hunted red deer, fallow deer, Sika deer, roe deer, hares, moufflons and wild boar is permitted from fishing territory and inland waters. The Danish Nature Agency regulates this Order and registration of hunting activities must be submitted to the Agency for permission. Article 15 states that, when the Agency receives an application for approval, the document shall include a deadline for the decision and the possibility of which may be extended.

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