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Order No. 269 on discharge of waste from ships and platforms.

Type du document
Pêche, Mer, Environnement gén.
Mot clé
Pollution de la mer Maillage Gestion et conservation des pêches Élimination de déchets Gestion/conservation Eaux usées/déversement Préservation de l'écosystème Normes environnementales Substances dangereuses Déchets dangereux Accord international-mise en oeuvre Zones marines protégées Déchets organiques Déchets solides Aire protégée
Aire géographique
Europe, EUROPE ET ASIE CENTRALE, Pays de l'union européenne, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du nord-est, Europe du nord
Entry into force notes
This Order enters into force on 1 May 2008. Article 2, section 3, No. 5 enters into force on 1 August 2008 and article 2, section 3, No. 1 shall enter into force on 1 May 2009. The Minister for the Environment shall decide on entry into force of the Order for Greenland.

This Order sets regulations on the discharge of waste from ships and platforms and applies to all ships regardless of size. Outside specific areas, discharge of all objects made of plastic, including synthetic ropes, synthetic fishing nets, plastic garbage bags and incinerator ashes from plastic products which may contain residues of toxic or heavy metals may not be dumped at sea. Food-waste may be discharged when ships are located more than 12 miles from the nearest land. Exception is made for the discharge of waste from ships when saving life at sea is necessary; the dumping of waste results from damage to a ship or its equipment, provided that prior to and after the damage there have been all reasonable precautions to prevent emissions or reduce it as much as possible marine pollution; and when accidental loss of synthetic fishing nets occur, provided that all reasonable precautions have been observed to avoid such a loss.

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