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Order No. 193 on hunting licence.

Type du document
Espèces sauvages et écosystèmes
Mot clé
Autorisation/permis de chasse Chasse/capture Certification Gibier Équipement de chasse/méthodes de chasse Enregistrement Collecte de données/déclarations Périodes Faune sauvage Oiseaux Protection de l'habitat
Aire géographique
Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du Nord-Est, Europe du Nord
Entry into force notes
27 February 2015. Fees mentioned in article 36, section 2 shall enter into force 30 April 2015. From 29 April 2015 the fee shall be of DKK 205.

The Order applies and sets regulation on the granting of hunting authorization in Denmark, which may be obtained after successful results of hunting course trainings. Trainings may take place twice a year between 15 April and 30 June (first test period) and 15 September - 31 October (second test period). Exams include a written and a practical test. The former test must be passed before undergoing the latter. Those residing abroad, in Greenland or the Faroe Islands, may apply for Danish hunting licence through if in possession of a valid non-Danish hunting licence. Validity of authorized hunting licence is of 5 years, starting from 1 April of the same year when successful exams have concluded. It is compulsory to register hunted game, and insurance shall be issued in the eventuality of accidents. Eligible hunting licence is granted with access to "My hunting licence" on or through the Danish Nature Agency's website.

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