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Order No. 1309 on Waste.

Type du document
Déchets et substances dangereuses
Mot clé
Classement/déclassement Emballage/étiquetage Enregistrement Collecte de données/déclarations Élimination de déchets Protection du consommateur Planification environnementale Substances dangereuses Commerce intérieur Recyclage/réemploi Déchets solides Transport/dépôt Déchets ménagers Gestion des déchets Déchets dangereux Politique/planification
Aire géographique
Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du Nord-Est, Europe du Nord
Entry into force notes
Entry into force on 1 January 2013.

The Order applies to the management of commercial and household waste such as classification thereof (hazardous, suited for incineration, for landfills, for recycling, for disposal or other recovery, etc.), planning of waste regulations, data on waste charges, use of waste systems, labeling, approval and registration of waste treatment plants. The Order does not include management of residues from gas cleaning in power plants and based on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). However, it sets regulations with regard to the sorting of different sources (natural stone, unglazed wall and roof tiles, concrete, iron products, soil, asphalt and mixtures thereof). The local council establishes whether ships of 1 500 tons light weight are considered waste and whether to be classified as hazardous waste. The municipal council shall prepare and adopt a 12-years municipal level waste management which will be subject to revision every 6 years. Waste production may not be diluted or mixed, neither may contain explosive substances, with the aim of meeting conditions for the delivery of waste for landfills. Fees for the planning and administration of waste shall be electronically publicized by the municipal council.

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Commission Decision 2000/532/EC replacing Decision 94/3/EC establishing a list of wastes pursuant to article 1(a) of Council Directive 75/442/EEC on waste and Council Decision 94/904/EC establishing a list of hazardous waste pursuant to article 1(4) of Council Directive 91/689/EEC on hazardous waste.

Législation | Union européenne | 2000

Mot clé: Production animale, Déchets ménagers, Déchets non-ménagers, Déchets dangereux, Classement/déclassement, Gestion des déchets


European Parliament and Council Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste.

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Waste Act (No. 1415 of 2011).

Législation | Danemark | 2011

Mot clé: Législation de base, Classement/déclassement, Emballage/étiquetage, Autorisation/permis, Enregistrement, Collecte de données/déclarations, Élimination de déchets, Gestion des déchets


Amendé par

Order No. 1491 amending Order on waste.

Législation | Danemark | 2013

Mot clé: Gestion des déchets, Politique/planification, Mise en application