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National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014.

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Planification environnementale Eaux usées/déversement Gestion des zones côtières Zone de conservation des eaux Eaux continentales Autorisation/permis Eaux superficielles Eaux souterraines Pollution des eaux douces/qualité des eaux douces Gestion des resources en eau douce Droits traditionnels/droits coutumiers Lutte contre la pollution
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ASIE ET PACIFIQUE, Australie et Nouvelle-Zélande, Océanie, Pacifique sud
Entry into force notes
This National Policy Statement enters into force 28 days after the date of its issue by notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

This National Policy, containing six Appendices, establishes the Freshwater management in New Zealand. Given the vital importance of freshwater resources to New Zealand and New Zealanders, and in order to achieve the purpose of the Resource Management Act 1991 (the Act), there is a particular need for clear central government policy to set a national direction, though the management of the resource needs to reflect the catchment-level variation and different demands on the resource across regions. Its Objectives are divided as follows: AA1 aims to consider and recognise Te Mana o te Wai in the management of fresh water. Policy AA1. By every regional council making or changing regional policy statements and plans to consider and recognise Te Mana o te Wai recognising the connection between water and the broader environment. By recognising Te Mana o te Wai as an integral part of the freshwater management framework it is intended that the health and well-being of freshwater bodies is at the forefront of all discussions and decisions about fresh water, including the identification of freshwater values and objectives, setting limits and the development of policies and rules. This is intended to ensure that water is available for the use and enjoyment of all New Zealanders, including tangata whenua, now and for future generations.

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Resource Management Act 1991 (No. 69 of 1991).

Législation | Nouvelle-Zélande | 1991 (2022)

Mot clé: Législation de base, Eaux usées/déversement, Pollution du sol/qualité, Gestion des zones côtières, Aire protégée, Zone de conservation des eaux, Eaux continentales, Planification territoriale, Autorisation/permis, Eaux superficielles, Eaux souterraines, EIA, Protection de l’environnement, Changement de climat, Utilisation durable, Aquaculture, Mariculture, Gestion des resources en eau douce, Eaux thermales et médicinales, Ouvrages, Lutte contre la pollution, Développement durable, Prélèvement d'eau, Engrais/nutriments, Pollution des eaux douces, Biodiversité, Droits traditionnels/droits coutumiers, Préservation de l'écosystème, Faune sauvage, Flore sauvage