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National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.

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1975 (2000)
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An Act to make provision for and in relation to the establishment of national parks and other parks and reserves and the protection and conservation of wildlife.
Espèces sauvages et écosystèmes
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Législation de base Aire protégée Gestion des zones côtières Gestion/conservation Politique/planification Institution Droits traditionnels/droits coutumiers Fonds spécial Protection de l'habitat Peuples autochtones Protection des espèces Commerce d'espèces Faune sauvage Flore sauvage
Aire géographique
Asie et Pacifique, Australie et Nouvelle-Zélande, Océan Indien, Océanie, Pacifique Sud

Parks and reserves are to be declared by Proclamation of the Governor-General, who may declare all or any part of the park or reserve to be a wilderness zone. Proclamations may be revoked or amended, provided, however, that no Proclamation be made withdrawing land or sea from a park, reserve or wilderness zone, except in accordance with a Resolution passed by each House of Parliament. In any case, no Proclamation creating or revoking parks or reserves may be made, except after consideration by the Executive Council of a report by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife on the matter. No operations for the recovery of minerals are to be carried out in a park or reserve, except with the approval of the Governor-General and in accordance with the plan of management of the park or reserve, nor are excavations, building, timber felling or other works to be carried out, except in accordance with the plan of management.

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National Parks and Wildlife Regulations.

Législation | Australie | 1977 (1995)

Mot clé: Aire protégée, Chasse/capture, Autorisation/permis de chasse, Infractions/sanctions, Autorisation de pêche, Poissons cartilagineux, Protection des espèces, Peuples autochtones, Autorisation/permis


Abrogé par

Environmental Reform (Consequential Provisions) Act 1999 (Act No. 92 of 1999).

Législation | Australie | 1999 (2010)

Mot clé: Aire protégée, Institution, Préservation de l'écosystème, Planification environnementale, Autorisation/permis, EIA, Inspection, Infractions/sanctions, Peuples autochtones, Politique/planification, Pêche maritime, Zones humides, Espèces migratoires, Espèces exotiques, Protection des espèces, Gestion et conservation des pêches, Biodiversité, Mammifères marins, Espèces menacées, Aire marine