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Memorandum Circular No. 1 of 2016 amending Section 180.D of the DENR Manual on Land Survey Procedures.

Type du document
Terre et sols
Mot clé
Procédures judiciaires/procédures administratives Accès-à-l'information Cadastre/enregistrement des terres Planification territoriale Relevés/plans
Aire géographique
Asie, Asie et Pacifique, East Asian Seas, Pacifique Nord, Asie du Sud-Est
Entry into force notes
This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.

This Memorandum Circular amends Section 180.D of the DENR Manual on Land Survey Procedures. In view of the recent difficulties being encountered in the identification of land parcel during the conduct of verification / relocation survey for the resolution of either judicial or administrative land cases, Section 180.d of the DENR Manual on Land Survey Procedures is amended as follows: "Description of vegetation and terrain", is amended to read as follows: l. For lots with areas of one hectare or more, the approximate boundary of the area under cultivation and the nature of its vegetation such as rice, pastures, woods, etc. with a brief description of the topographic features, such as plain, rolling, hilly or mountainous shall be indicated in light black dotted lines. The Indicative location of existing structures such as houses, fences, pathways. etc. shall be plotted on the plan using conventional symbols. The number of storeys if the structure is a house or building shall also be indicated next to the figure. For lots less than one hectare in area, a general use, such as: "residential lot", "home lot", "rice land", "sugar cane land", "commercial lot", shall be indicated on said plans. In an isolated survey, a policy on one-lot-one-plan (OLOP) shall be strictly implemented except for parcellary survey for proposed road wherein the project will traverse several land parcels. The actual location of the house or building shall be clearly shown on the plan and the number of storeys shall be indicated on or next to the figure.

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Memorandum Circular No. 2010-13 adopting the Manual on Land Survey Procedures.

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Mot clé: Procédures judiciaires/procédures administratives, Institution, Monitorage, Accès-à-l'information, Gouvernance, Recherche, Cadastre/enregistrement des terres, Planification territoriale, Relevés/plans