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Local Government Reform Act 2014.

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An Act to make further and better provision in relation to local government and, in particular, to amalgamate Limerick County Council with Limerick City Council, Waterford County Council with Waterford City Council and North Tipperary County Council with South Tipperary County Council, to provide for the position of chief executive in relation to each local authority, to dissolve town councils, to make provision for municipal districts, to assign additional reserved functions to local authority members, to dissolve County Development Boards and City Development Boards and make provision for the establishment of Local Community Development Committees, for planning and oversight of Local and Community Development Programmes, to provide for an increased role for local authorities in economic development and enterprise support, to amend the Local Government Act 1991 and provide for regional assemblies, to enable (subject to certain preconditions) a plebiscite to be held in the administrative areas of the local authorities in the Dublin area in respect of a directly elected mayor for that area and for those and other purposes to amend the Local Government Acts 1925 to 2013, the Local Elections Acts 1974 to 2012 and other enactments relating to elections, the Housing Acts 1966 to 2013 and the Planning and Development Act 2000, to amend other Acts in connection with the foregoing matters, to amend section 20 of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997 and to provide for related matters.
Agriculture et développement rural, Environnement gén., Terre et sols
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Développement agricole Politique/planification Institution Lutte contre la pollution Gestion des déchets Planification territoriale
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Îles de l'océan Atlantique, Europe, EUROPE ET ASIE CENTRALE, Pays de l'union européenne, Atlantique nord, Atlantique du nord-est, Europe du nord

This Act provides for the significant reorganisation of local government structures and the strengthening of governance and accountability in local government. It, among other things: reformulates a new integrated county/sub-county relationship, with the establishment of a comprehensive and modern system of municipal governance; replaces the existing regional structures with new consolidated regional assemblies; provides for further devolution of functions from central level to local government. Local government shall have various functions including functions related to environment protection, water management, waste management and local planning. Provision is made for Local Community Development Committees to be established as committees of the local authority in each local government area to enhance strategic planning and coordination in local and community development programmes, and for the dissolution of City and County Development Board.

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