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Law on environmental protection.

Moldova, République de
Type du document
1993 (2018)
Environnement gén., Plantes cultivées, Eau, Espèces sauvages et écosystèmes, Déchets et substances dangereuses
Mot clé
Législation de base Institution Eaux continentales Lutte contre la pollution Pollution du sol/qualité Pollution des eaux douces Politique/planification Gouvernance Collectivité locale Biodiversité Déchets non-ménagers Gestion des déchets Déchets dangereux Engrais/nutriments Pesticides Radiation EIA Protection des végétaux Toxicité/empoisonnement Production végétale Gestion/conservation
Aire géographique
CEI (Communauté des États indépendants), Europe de l'Est, Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Nations en développement sans littoral
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on the date of its offivial publication.

This Law provides the basic legal framework for environmental protection, covering the principal environmental media (soil, inland waters, underground areas, atmosphere, natural heritage) as well as biological diversity, waste, toxic substances and plant protection. This Act consists of X Chapters divided into 95 Articles. Chapter I lays down general principles and provisions. Chapter II establishes competence of Parliament, President, Government and local bodies in the field of environmental protection. Chapter III establishes competence, powers, tasks and management structure of the authorized state institution in the field of environmental protection. Chapter IV establishes rights and duties of natural and legal persons in the field of environmental protection. Chapter V regards protection of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity. Chapter VI regards management of waste, toxic substances, mineral fertilizers and pesticides. Chapter VII regards protection against ionizing radiation. Chapter VIII regards constitution of the National Environmental Fund. Chapter IX establishes liability for the infringement of environmental legislation and dispute settlement in the field of environmental protection. Chapter X regards international agreements. Natural resources - land, subsoil, water, flora and fauna on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the airspace above it, are the national patrimony of the Republic of Moldova. The right to dispose of all natural resources of the Republic of Moldova in the name of the State shall belong to the Parliament. The transfer of ownership and use rights of natural resources to individuals and legal entities shall not exempt the holders of these rights from the observance of the legislation on environment protection. Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is conducted for drafting plans and programs developed by central and local public authorities in the field of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, energy, industry, transport, waste management, water management, electronic communications, tourism, land use, urban and rural planning, land development at the stage of elaboration thereof to assess possible environmental impacts caused by the planned activities. The State recognizes the right of all natural persons to a healthy environment and, to this end, provides it to them, in accordance with acting legislation. The Republic of Moldova does not authorize the construction of nuclear power plants on its territory, import, deployment and transportation of nuclear weapons, reprocessed nuclear fuel and any radioactive waste. An exception is the transport of nuclear materials between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria through the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the territory of Ukraine. Specific regulation will be enacted according to article 2. An entire chapter is devoted to protection against "ionizing radiation" (Chap. 6), in particular it prohibits the siting of atomic energy plants, the siting or transition of atomic weapons as well as the import, siting or transition of nuclear wastes. Other related activities are allowed only with a licence and subject to very strict control. Two principal institutions are created: The State Department for Environment (a central Government ministry) (Chap. 3) and the Council for the Quality of the Environment (a consultative body under the President of the Republic) (Chap. 4).

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