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Law No. VIII-1392 “On protection of the atmospheric air”.

Type du document
1999 (2012)
Air et atmosphère, Environnement gén.
Mot clé
Qualité de l'air/pollution de l'air Émissions Lutte contre la pollution Santé publique Monitorage Accès-à-l'information
Aire géographique
Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Europe du Nord
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on the date of its official publication.

This Law: (a) establishes the rights of persons to clean air, the obligation to protect the environment from pollution related to human activities and to reduce its harm to human health and the environment; (b) establishes measures restricting atmospheric air pollution and reducing its negative impact on human health and the environment; (c) regulates public relations in the field of environmental protection and air quality management. This Law does not regulate radioactive contamination, as well as atmospheric air pollution, which may be caused by natural processes or by transboundary pollution from other countries. Environmental protection priorities shall be as follows: (a) increasing energy efficiency and reducing the pollution caused by combustion plants used for heat production by tightening the requirements for the use of solid fuels, by developing district heating systems, by legal and financial means, ensuring that increasing population density in areas where centralized supply can be ensured heat supply, new heat consumers would be supplied with heat energy for district heating through heat energy production (electricity, solar or geothermal energy sources); (b) reducing vehicle emissions by reducing the use of internal combustion engines and increasing the use of electric vehicles; and (c) implementation of the best available methods of production, the organization of sustainable transport services and technologies. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health approve the list of pollutants that must be limited in atmospheric air, establish maximum allowable levels and target pollution values, tolerance limits and alert thresholds, as well as procedures for informing the public, institutions concerned and bodies about the levels of atmospheric air pollution. Continuous monitoring of atmospheric air quality is required in agglomerations and areas where levels of pollution exceed or may exceed maximum allowable pollution levels. This Law consists of V Sections divided into 24 Articles. Section I lays down general provisions. Section II regards atmospheric air pollution control. Section III regards permits for emission of pollutants to the atmospheric air. Section IV establishes personal rights and obligations of citizens. Section V lays down final provisions.

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Amendé par

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