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Integrated National Land Use Guidelines.

Type du document
Terre et sols
Mot clé
Terrains agricoles Gestion des zones côtières Planification environnementale Érosion Planification territoriale Terres privées Terres publiques Politique/planification
Aire géographique
Afrique, Afrique Orientale

These guidelines identify the main challenges and threats relating to land use in Kenya, including globalization, land use conflict, urbanization, population pressure, poor land use planning, climate change, water pollution, among others. It sets its goals and principles on the basis of tackling these challenges; specifically its principles are anchored on the efficient use of land, a socially oriented use of land to enable equality and public participation, the sustainable use of land, the harmonization of resource use-conservation and utilization and promotion of compatibility, planning for the unexpected events, and the precautionary principle. The guidelines aims to resolve land-use conflicts, prevent and mitigate land degradation, promote sustainable land management and manage natural and anthropogenic disasters. The guidelines takes a detailed approach on several ways in which land is used and provides specific guides for them, it provides guidelines for the use of agricultural land, the management of invasive species, guides on wetlands, rivers, lakes and other water bodies, guides on air strips, etc.

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